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I’m Glens and welcome to my small space on the internet, my travel and personal blog – Soloista. This blog started in 2007 and had gone under different names. The content also evolved from school related ramblings to Asian Drama reviews then to occasional company outings which led me to a life of an occasional traveler as your Soloista girl. Those small barkada getaways and company summer outings made me realize how I wanted to explore new places and see beautiful things. I started with barkada getaways where we went to a few provinces in the Philippines. It was a fun time to be spending your youthful days. But as with the slap of reality, not everyone will have the same fire, interests, time and finances as you (not saying I’m rich though). So the travels came to being solo.¬†Being by yourself makes you learn about who you are and I enjoyed it. Fast forward to 2019, I’ve been to a few places both local and international and those travel experiences are expressed through this blog.


This blog contains my travel diary, travel guides, itinerary and anything that interests me at the moment. Through this blog, I will share my Soloista  and not Soloista adventures and provide you with travel tips with the best of my knowledge so that it can (hopefully) help you on your trip as well. Aside from the travel related stuff, this blog will also be my comfy nook for rants, opinion, reviews and life updates.



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Just binge eat :-p

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