From Fluffy Pancakes to Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine

Ever heard of that thick, soft and fluffy pancakes that apparently, everyone’s after if you’re in Japan?

I tried it and it’s so.. so.. why?

It taste like margarine. It’s sweet and a bit tangy, and yes, it’s fluffy, so every bite may not feel enough. “Nakakaumay”.

I had this pancake at Magia de Farina , the first location of the day. And even though I’m travelling on a budget, I make it a point to try these fluffy pancakes, even if it’s expensive. I walked different streets, got rain on my head and checked out one more restaurant in the hunt of these pancakes, but it didn’t fit my taste.

Fluffy Pancakes at Magia de Farina

(on the map it’s Shiwase no Pancakes)

But of course I only tried one restaurant that offers this. So my opinion and experience is not conclusive. I may have to try other restaurants to find the fluffy pancake that fits my taste buds. Still, hopeful.

Actually, it’s not the first pancake place that I went to. I went to Café and Pancakes Gram that offers one of the famous fluffy pancakes in Tokyo, however I didn’t make it to the cut off. 

Nevertheless, the failed pancake experience did not stop me from enjoying my next location – Meiji Shrine.


I was actually on my way to Yoyogi Park and just noticed the big Torii Gate on the side of the street. I walked a few more steps passing by the gate before I suddenly shifted my body and turned around to check it out (happened to me every time, and it’s always the best choice). The welcome sign on the left told me it’s the entrance to the Meiji Shrine.

While I was taking my pictures, I couldn’t help but notice the kids wearing a fancy traditional clothing doing some pictorial with their parents (in work uniform I guess). I may have photo-bombed one of her pictures. Sorry.

The path to the shrine involves a lot of walking, but you will be walking into a refreshing environment. It’s like stepping in into a different dimension where all city noises are suddenly muted and all you can hear are the birds chirping and the leaves swaying.

Different from the Asakusa Shrine where the surrounding is like a festival, the Meiji Shrine environment on the other hand is more quiet and reserved.

The Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu) is a shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken in 1920. Emperor Meiji is the first emperor of Modern Japan.

Located beside Harajuku Station, the Meiji Shrine is one of the most popular shrines in Japan having the most number of visitors in the country for the new year’s first prayers.

Also, the shrine grounds contains a Treasure House, a Museum and an Inner Garden which houses the spiritual Power Spot – Kiyomasa’s Well – a well named after a military commander who dug it 400 years ago.

FYI: Use the running water for the cleansing. 1. Left hand, 2. right hand, 3. clean the mouth using your left HAND – not the wooden ladle itself.

I tried an Omikuji (Fortune Telling Poetry) and got a relateable poem from either Emperor Meiji or Empress Shoken which inspires me to always keep moving.

I also saw two Shinto Weddings before I planted my butt on the seats in front of the picture gallery. I sat there to rest – Tita mode on. The weather just got into me and there’s no more energy left to visit another location so I went back home and ate. It’s the perfect cuddle weather with your blanket and pillows, plus the Family Mart is just downstairs to satisfy your midnight cravings. I may not be productive today with regards to travelling but I experienced one of the comfiest day. Thanks to this weather, the long night’s not that bad at all.


Hi! I'm your Pinay Soloista from the Philippines. I'm a full time I.T. Professional and part time wanderer. I'm an anime kid, newbie bookworm, and I also love to sketch and paint.

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