Soloista’s New York City Itinerary

In this post, let me share with you my itinerary when I went to New York. May it give you some ideas that could help you in organizing your own trip!

My Stay: 

  • 4 nights, 5 days in New York
  • Solo
  • Month: July, Summer

When I was sent for work in Chicago, I took the chance to go to New York and spent half of what I would have spent if I’m coming from the Philippines. I booked the tickets and made this dream happen!

I was short on budget, that’s why I only stayed for five days. I think I can totally get by the whole trip to New York without going to paid attractions. But this is my first time, so I want to scratch some of them off. The following are the paid attractions that I went to:

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  2. Top of The Rock
  3. Empire State Building

Museum of Modern Art is also a paid attraction but I was able to go there on a free Friday. Their website announces any free admission events that are happening so better check that out.


There’s a lot of cheap options when it comes to accommodation in New York. If you are travelling solo and want to save on accommodation, there are dormitory rooms available in Manhattan. If you are on a group, you can rent an AirBnb and the rate per head might be the same or cheaper than dormitory rooms.

My AirBnb

7 Days Unlimited Bus and Train Ride

Staying in Brooklyn, I used the train a lot. If you’re staying in Manhattan, you’re lucky. You can walk your way up to Uptown if you want. Lol. But the train is really the best transportation option that you have since New York also suffers in heavy traffic, and it’s hard to flag down a cab unlike in the movies.

The link below lists down your Transportation options in New York. I bought the 7 Day Unlimited MetroCard which I used for the subway and bus.

This is optional. Though the ticket is valid for 7 days, I only used it for 4 days. I did buy this ticket for the hassle free train rides, and it helped since I was staying in Brooklyn and not in Manhattan.

Brooklyn Neighborhood

Offline Maps

One thing that also helped me on the road is Offline Maps. I used an application called and though sometimes it’s not accurate, it helped me a ton on locating my next destination.

You just have to download the city map beforehand and then it’s ready to use.

Wifi Access

For foreign visitors like us, a Wifi Access is our guide, our safety blanket – so when I find out that my Chicago Tourist Sim Card don’t work in New York, I panicked. Thankfully, free Wifi save my trip. I used public wifis whenever available and it helped me ALL THROUGH OUT the trip.

I survived without my own internet source since every attraction, train station, some restaurant and my AirBnb has a Wifi. Also, if you really need one on the road, go to Starbucks. Even outside, you can get a signal. Starbucks is my savior. Praise you Starbucks!!

For Tourist Simcards, check out this link (I used T-Mobile in Chicago and it worked great!):

Avocado Toast


If you’re a budget traveler and you want to check out New York, then fret not because you can definitely travel cheap to New York!

Now that I’ve cleaned up my itinerary and expenses spreadsheet, I can say that I can still lower it down if I made the right choices. Here’s how much I spent in total in my four days in New York:

Total NYC Expenses (4 Nights)





Accommodation (Airbnb)



Flights (from Chicago)






Transportation (Subway Ticket and Transportation to and from the airport using Uber)



Sightseeing (for all those paid attractions)



Sim Card (that I wasn’t able to use ;-( )






Here’s an estimated budget if we reduce it to the basic expenses and if you want to travel cheap:

  • No Wifi Rental
  • You will be staying in a hostel
  • Will use City Pass

Budget Option (exchange: $1=Php51)



For 4 nights



Hostel per night rate




Food ($10 for breakfast, $20 for lunch and dinner, $10 water/snacks)




Subway Ticket – Unlimited 7 days







Php 24,213

Flights (variable)




Transportation to and from the airport (variable)




City Pass (3) (optional)




The food and transportation options are also up to you. You can choose to eat at Fast Food chains or get on a tour bus.

At Battery Park where the Statue of Liberty can be barely seen

Most of the attractions I was able to see without paying anything. It’s FREE.

  1. Museum of Modern Art
  2. Statue of Liberty
  3. Battery Park
  4. Charging Bull
  5. Chinatown
  6. Central Park
  7. Times Square
  8. Brooklyn Bridge
  9. DUMBO
  10. SoHo
  11. High Line
  12. Flat Iron Building
  13. Grand Central Terminal

New York
Braving for a selfie at Times Square

5-Days New York Trip

Day 1

  • Museum of Modern Art
  • 30-Day Unlimited Train Ride Ticket

Day 2 – Midtown

  • Grand Central
  • Empire State Building
  • Top of the Rock
  • Times Square

Day 3 – Downtown

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Charging Bull
  • China Town

Day 4 – The defaults

  • The MET
  • Central Park
  • Times Square

Day 5

  • Going Home

New York was once just a dream, and suddenly it turned into a reality. The opportunity came and I grabbed on it like a mad man. Who cares? When it is one of your dream destination, you can’t be bothered of what other people would say.

Get it, work on it, MAKE IT HAPPEN! If you want it, you will work for it.


Hi! I'm your Pinay Soloista from the Philippines. I'm a full time I.T. Professional and part time wanderer. I'm an anime kid, newbie bookworm, and I also love to sketch and paint.

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