Haggard in Japan

Soloista in Japan

Excitement, Expectant, Joy

Three emotions that someone would feel during their flight if they are bound to their dream destination. Emotions that would fill up the person who have been waiting for this during their entire lifetime. Emotions that will kick start their new adventure and memories.

Well, not for me.

I can sum up my pre-adventure emotions as the following:

Stressed, Sleepless, and the “I’m not ready but come what may” feeling

Imagine not sleeping all night because you’re packing the things you haven’t even decided yet, and imagine a 6:30 AM flight and you come from the province, AND IMAGINE YOU LEFT YOUR WINTER JACKET AT HOME SO YOU HAVE TO GO BACK HALFWAY TO THE AIRPORT. God, I’m SO STRESSED.

That didn’t end there, I have to run to my gate because your girl is nearing the last call. (First time!) But thank God I made it and I was saved from the unexpected expenses that would cost me Php 20,000 or more.

The flight that I’m talking about, if you haven’t read from the title yet (sometimes I don’t hehe), is JAPAN. Yes honey, heard it right. I bet it’s one of your dream destinations too! Because who doesn’t love JAPAN?!! I haven’t been to Japan but I love it already because of the anime that I’ve watched. I grew up on animes where their culture picks your curiosity. The simplest traditions, practices and things in Japan made me want to be there and experience it. And what I meant by “the simplest” is you won’t be seeing any theme parks or any costly attractions on this trip because I AM TRAVELLING ON A BUDGET AND SOLO (uhh, the usual, like you’ll be surprised, you should know by now πŸ˜‰ ) and that’s a 12-days trip BABEH!

Soloista in Japan - Ide Cafe Receipt

Yeah, 12-days. First time to be staying that long in a different country. I’m worried yes, I’m doubtful yes, but I still pushed through it because this is what I want. I’ve been planning for this since the start of the year and I can’t let any petty reasons to go over it, even my toothache on flight can’t stop me.

I landed safe in Narita Airport. I spent some time to work on my things like getting the pocket wifi, buying tickets, putting make up on etc. Their huge airport also got me confused on what train to take and where the fuck is it. This is what insufficient research would do to you. It would make you look like an idiot. Jokes aside, here’s how I got to Tokyo from Narita Airport T2.

  1. The train station is just one flight down.
  2. Locate the Ticket Booth.
  3. Show or tell the attendant the station you’re going to. Pay the ticket.
  4. Check the platform where you should be going to (indicated on the ticket).
  5. Insert the ticket on the ticket gate. Retrieve it.
  6. Make sure you are boarding the correct train by asking someone.
  7. Board the train πŸ™‚
  8. Use the ticket on the exit gate. It will not be returned.

Soloista in Japan - Curry

The first thing that I did when I get to Tokyo was of course, eat. It was my first legit meal of the day and curry rice solved all my hunger. There was a minimal Nihonggo challenge but my finger pointing got me through it. If you want something, point it.

Pointing is also how I was able to buy my PASMO card. It was just so funny and embarrassing when I pushed the wrong button. I pushed the Call button thinking that it is the English button. I only realized I was wrong when a man suddenly popped out the window.

It was in the middle of the day when I got to the hostel. I was so tired that I didn’t bother changing my clothes and just went straight to bed. I slept for a good four hours before I exposed myself to the cold outside.

The very first stop is the outdoor lounge of the hostel. πŸ˜€ I just stayed there to take a good look of the cars and people outside. Jokes. I meant the “simoy ng hangin”. After some self-conversation I walked outside for a few minutes before I boarded the train to Akihabara, but I didn’t reached Akihabara. I just can’t find it that time. I walked around Namba station and got overwhelmed with the bright and flashy signs on the streets. I stopped and went back home when I reached the “normal” streets.

Soloista in Japan

Soloista in Japan - Streets

There’s not much adventure on the first day. As you can see, it’s merely composed of my haggard flight, sleeping and walking aimlessly. It may be boring for some, but my trip’s preparing me for a bigger adventure, which right now, was proven true.

Soloista in Japan - Streets


Hi! I'm your Pinay Soloista from the Philippines. I'm a full time I.T. Professional and part time wanderer. I'm an anime kid, newbie bookworm, and I also love to sketch and paint.

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