What happened in Chicago?

Soloista in Signature Lounge Chicago

When I was sent out to Chicago for a conference, I didn’t expect to be able to check out the city. I set my mind that this trip will be purely business. I didn’t even have the budget to spend. However, in just a few days before I arrived in O’Hare, God had sent me the fairy god mother that I needed.

 J is my college batch mate. She lives in Chicago for years now and she’s the perfect companion that I can ever be with. What a great coincidence I thought, of all the cities in United States where I can be, I was placed to where my friend was located. Lucky!

So, for the 4 days that I spent in Chicago, I was burning my ass to work during the day, and played at Downtown during midnight. It was funny how I can be dead serious half of the day while I cared about nothing for the rest. I just played along to whatever was presented like:

Going out whilst the stores are already closed


Since my friend and I can only start our day after 7 PM, we always reached Downtown Chicago during its resting time. The stores were closed, the streets were empty and we ran out of places to go. Even so, we’re still able to walk around at night, take midnight pictures and watch the city as it sleeps.

 Going out with just my house clothes on


My first night in Chicago was an impromptu night out, literally “night” out. She messaged so suddenly that I wasn’t able to change into a more acceptable and weather appropriate get-up. So I went out to Downtown with bare legs and froze under the Windy City.

Late night at The Bean

Soloista at The Bean Chicago

“Get out! It’s closed!” We never had enough of this line. We went there 3 times hoping to catch the hype but no, I was only able to see this the day I went back to Chicago for my return flight. Anyhow, there are spots just outside that went onto our camera.

 Entering a private place because we feel like it


“Kulang nalang alak at pulutan” With this view we wouldn’t bother trespassing this place.  I stayed in the hotel when my friend was not available. There are times when I just stayed at my room and drained my camera’s battery because I don’t have anything else to do. Aside from my nap breaks in between the conference sessions, I snoozed most of my available time due to the call of Jet-lag. The rest of my time, I did a Photoshoot.


Though my trip to Chicago was very short, I can say that it’s fruitful with the few places that I’ve been to. I love it when we went on a road trip in the middle of the night and for the first time, I felt the legit “cold outside”. I also love it when we went to the chocolate store, when we drink up in a bar that’s about to close, when we went shopping for pasalubong at CostCo, when we ate pizza at Signature Lounge, when a restaurant near Clark Street area gave us a delicious  pizza and ice cream, and even the unfortunate but funny events that happened to us (like pushing our car that broke down twice).

Soloista in Chicago Collage

This trip was a joyride. I even forgot that I’m there for work. I enjoyed the simple things because for the first time, I was in a different part of the world, in a country that’s totally foreign to me, and a country which even in my wildest dream, I never thought I’ll set my foot on. Chicago, you’ve been good to me. You’ll be a memory that I’ll definitely keep in my heart (and my hard drive).


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