Let’s get DUMBO!

I heard once in a vlog of sweetandtastytv the term DUMBO in Brooklyn, New York. Though I didn’t think I’ll be going to New York at that time I was curious of this place in Brooklyn which meant “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass”. Hearing DUMBO made me think of the elephant cartoon character but I was also thinking of the place literally. Thankfully, I stayed in Brooklyn too during my trip and it made everything easier. I set out one morning to see what this neighborhood is all about.
The travel took one train and a lot of walking. I had to ask for directions because the offline map was unreliable. When I reached the street there are men manning the corner. It turns out there’s a film shooting going on. It didn’t take long and I started walking down the long street with an exciting view on the end – the Manhattan Bridge.


The neighborhood is a residential one, kind of upscale with all the shops in there – restaurants, art shops etc. I don’t know if it really was a quiet area because I went there early in the morning. With the little number of tourist at that time, I still got shy to ask someone to take my picture. Like how can I if the family is busy taking their own shots? Anyway, I cannot miss this view of Manhattan Bridge so I took the plunge.


DUMBO is an area in between Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. It extends on the east to Vinegar Hill area while the other boundaries are enclosed by Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Reading the history from Wikipedia, I was surprised to see that this area, originally a ferry landing , turned into an upscale residential having former industrial buildings converted into luxury lofts. It also became a commercial community having art galleries and technology startups. At one point it became the most expensive neighborhood and fourth-richest community overall in New York. And if you know Etsy, the neighborhood currently serves its corporate headquarters.
DUMBO; Manhattan Bridge

Let’s Get DUMBO

Since DUMBO is an area by the river/sea, it gives a nice skyline view of Manhattan – something that is more beautiful at night. I went there in the morning but I’m still in awe of the view. There are plenty of areas to just sit and watch. I did for a couple of minutes, to try to ask someone to take my pictures (while contemplating why I went solo with how shy I am and how hard it is to achieve my dream shot! WHEW!).
DUMBO, New York
After a few minutes and after having another solo tourist/traveler to exchange shots, I left the camera somewhere and set it on timer. “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Haha
DUMBO; Brooklyn Bridge
There’s also a carousel  in front of the mall, which is surprising, because I thought this is just a plain park. Though I should’ve anticipated that based on the number of kids (and a number of dogs, haha) I saw on the way.
Oh the mall that I mentioned is where I had breakfast. First time to know how toast and avocado taste like together. And first time to learn that it isn’t good – well, it’s my taste buds.
I originally looked for an Airbnb near this park, but it’s so pricey I had to go a few stations further. I just pictured myself hanging out in the park at night while eating a sandwich. It’ll be one perfect night with the skyline in front of you. Plus, you can always walk pass the Brooklyn Bridge and that’s one item off the checklist. Though it didn’t turn out that way, I’m still happy with my time in DUMBO. It is not as hippy as I imagined, but it was one chill morning.
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Hey Brooklyn Bridge! I’ll be posting about you soon!


Some details:

Nearest Stations: 
Check out TripSavvy for detailed information.

What’s in the area?
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane’s Carousel, Vinegar Hill House, Jacques Torres Chocolate, PowerHouse Books

Best time to go:
At night

My Soloista Tip: Visit the place at night for a wonderful skyline view! Then walk passed the Brooklyn Bridge (or it can go first).


Note: This is a late post. This trip was last July 2017.

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