Stilts Day at Calatagan Batangas

Stilts Calatagan;Batangas
Did you know that the Philippines ranked third in the World’s Most Number of Public Holidays? Add up the Special Holidays and City Holidays, people in the country started planning these long vacation every year to either reconnect with friends or family, be reborn in a travel sense or just have me-time. Me, though I rarely use these chances (because of the lack of planning), I took one long weekend to bring my family on a day-trip.
Day trip is a great option if you are on a budget. So don’t ask me why I only used one out of the five days available. 😂
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
We chose Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort in Batangas since it’s the nearest beautiful getaway that we can have coming from Cavite. Though I admit 3 hours of travel in just one way was so tiring, especially that we’re on a day trip. Nevertheless, I didn’t regret going here, because it gave me my much needed break in a place that I’ll always love, the sea. 
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Harmony Beach
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Serenity Beach
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Every area in this resort has a nice view. There are cottages by the beach, bigger cottages with the cooler, shaded part and overnight rooms on stilts. The overnight rates though are pricey so we just went with the day tour. For Php 1200 plus Php 50/head environmental fee plus Php 350/head entrance fee, we had a nice big cottage nestled on the coolest part of the resort. Though it’s not front beach, it was quiet and well shaded. 
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Our cottage was near this Tree House.
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
We reserved the cottage a day before so I was lucky to have the last of the available day tour option. However, we didn’t like the table (Garden Cabana) that we originally reserved so we asked if there’s another available cottage near the beach. The receptionist said none, but when we asked the person who’s assisting us on our table itself, he transferred us to the bigger cottage – the Serenity Beach Cabana. Guessed he know better than the receptionist.
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
The cottage was bigger and on a cooler area. We can rest well here than on mono-blocks.
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Swings just in front of our cottage. This is the Serenity Beach area by the way.

Stilts Calatagan Batangas

Since we’re on a day tour, the heat was striking during our stay. So even if we’re near the sea, we didn’t take full advantage of it. We didn’t even took a dip. For me, the smell of the sea is enough to get me on vacation mode. We did swam on their swimming pool all through-out though. 
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
The Resort Restaurant
Day Tour schedule is from 8AM to 6PM.
There’s a corkage fee in the resort so we just ordered food on the in-house restaurant. We figured it’ll be the same cost as bringing in food with just getting food from the resort. Also, the corkage fee is consumable.
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Sinigang na Baboy, Chopsuey, Liempo, Lechon Kawali (not in the photo)
As for the food, it’s not bad. It’s actually good, but not the best. We spent Php 2000 on the food for 7 people. I do remember the lowest price is Php 150.00.
Other good points for this resort: 
  • Ample parking space 
  • Spacious resort, we can go around walking all day 
  • Instagram-able spots – evident in this post.
  • Not the best, but enough comfort rooms 
  • Reasonable day tour prices 
  • Water activities like kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding 
  • Barbecue spots and water dispenser 
  • Good venue for weddings 
  • Kiddie pool 
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Some things we noticed that are not so good:
  • Incomplete furnishing for the comfort rooms 
  • We ordered water but it’s only available on sizes for water dispenser. 
  • The location is far, indeed, and you don’t have a choice but to enter through Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway which is a congested one. 
  • Corkage fees. 
  • Pricey overnight rates because you’ll have the ocean view. 
  • Areas are located far from each other – this means you’ll have to walk a lot (and take the stairs) to reach the reception and main hall areas. 
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Stilts Calatagan; Batangas
Stilts Calatagan;Batangas
Checking out the different areas in the resort, I figured that the Stilts area can actually be private since they are the overnight rooms, but we’re able to walk in and take pictures. 
Overall, the resort is very nice. The different areas are well-thought of to have a nice view and surroundings. I would definitely come back for an overnight stay since a day tour can limit the water activities. Plus, it’s too far. This place is still a good choice I say – romantic and relaxing. Just save up for that overnight rates okay? 
Overall Expenses for 7 persons:
Entrance Fee: Php 350.00 x 7 = 2450
Cottage Fee: Php 1200
Environmental Fee: Php 50 x 7 = 350
Food: Php 2000
Gas: Php 1000
Total: 7000
Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort
Visit their website for more info


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