Museum of Modern Arts, New York

When I researched about attractions or things to do in New York City, visiting a museum is always on the list. There’s a lot mentioned in different places but I was lured in modern setting and what’s more, it’s FREE. I’m talking about the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) and its FREE Uniqlo FRIDAYS.
If you are into quirky arts, modern sculptures and contemporary arts, then you’d like to visit MoMA. It has almost 200,000 modern and contemporary art with some of them available on their website. 
I went here on a Friday, which makes it just in time for the free admission. I took the following train lines coming from Brooklyn. 
  1. Dekalb Av Station (L) going to 14 St – Union Sq Station 
  2. Took line 6 at 14 St – Union Sq Station going to 51 St. (Uptown) 
  3. From 51 St. Station I walked to the destination. 
I walked to the front desk, ask about it and they gave me the tickets. After that I checked-in my bag to the baggage counter. I don’t know how but I was led smoothly.
The museum was jam-packed, more than I expected but still enough for one to see each art. The museum also gives a free audio tour and you can also connect to their free WiFi.

I don’t remember much of the sections, either they are sectioned by artist or by category in different floor levels. There’s also a shop and an area for painting lessons.
Most of the time an artwork or sculpture kept me thinking. I was just staring at it, maybe I’m not at that level where I can easily understand an art’s message. But I really do love sketching and painting (but don’t expect it from me HAHAHA).

Before I went home I stayed for a while at the museum’s lounge park – complete with monkey and bird sounds (or was it real?). I was so tired that I’m getting sleepy. So before I took a nap at a public attraction, I started moving to find my way home.

The group portrait looks creepy to me. The museum also has light exhibits.

Side Story

As I’m on my way home, I stopped by McDonald’s at Myrtle Ave. to buy dinner. I kept saying ‘take out’ when I should’ve said ‘to-go’ HAHAHA. Good thing the crew understood so I was good. By the time I got out of the store I’m looking for my way to Knickerbocker Av Station. There was this boy, a teenager, who walked towards me with something on his hand, and like playing with it. I didn’t look while he’s getting closer behind me, I just stepped and walked forward. 
I don’t know what he’s up to, or if he’s targeting me, I just know I need to go far. Ever since that I chose Dekalb Av Station when going home. I’m not saying Myrtle Av is a dangerous area, it can happen anywhere. My safety tip is to always go with your guts. Run if you must and don’t look back.
That’s all for my MoMA Experience. Don’t forget to consider this on your list of attractions when going to New York and look out for special offers like what I did on Uniqlo Fridays.
Museum of Modern Art
Check out their website for current admission fees:
Open every day 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
11 West 53 Street, Manhattan
Enter at 18 West 54 Street


Note: This is a late post. This trip was last July 2017. 


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