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Chicago; Skyline; Soloista
Thursday – I kind of got lazy in the last few sessions of the conference. I just want to enjoy my second-to-the-last day in Chicago through experiencing it from above and beyond. But the fun starts at 6:30PM, so the whole day I had to either keep myself from sleeping or from getting allergy.
Why do speakers’ voices seems like lullaby? I had a hard time keeping my eyes open so I ate the endless serving of snacks and weird juice. At the end of the conference, I packed up. I need to give some of my baggage to my friend so that I can go to New York with less kilograms.
Before we reached our destination, we went first to Costco. We shopped a few items for ‘pasalubong’ but most of what I bought was due to my gluttony. Hahaha So sorry family.
Chicago; Soloista


Chicago; Skyline; Soloista


From Above: Signature Lounge

It was already dark when we reached Downtown Chicago but it’s just perfect if we want to see the city lights from above. Signature Lounge was our goal ever since we came and it’s not easy to have a spot here. We fall in line coming from the elevator to the actual seat but it’s all worth it since we got the table by the window. 
Chicago; Skyline; Signature Lounge; Soloista
Even though we were there for fun, it was actually romantic for me. Watching a sparkly city that extends in all directions was more suited for a date night. We a have a candle light and it’s giving the spark together with what’s outside. From up there we saw the streets snaking here and there, the tiny cars moving slowly, the Ferris Wheel and residential village. All the time I just want to stare out the window. Haha
Chicago; Soloista; Signature Lounge; Skyline
Food came in and for a moment it stole my attention. We’re starving and the food was great to dig in. We had pizza, nachos and cocktail. The food’s a bit pricey but you get the view so it’s a win-win. I just find it uncomfortable to have people squirming behind you to take a picture of the view. We had one of the best spot but we didn’t get the space that we need. This restaurant needs to have a viewing point. 
Another activity to try that’s also in the same building as we’re at, is the Sky-High Tilt Attraction.  It is a tilting observation deck 1,000 ft above Chicago. A thrilling experience for those who wants to see Chicago in a different way. I’m not promoting, I just mentioned it because we haven’t tried it. Haha Maybe in the future.
Chicago; Soloista; Ghirardelli
The next thing that filled our bags are chocolates. We bought some from Ghirardelli. Chocolate bars priced at $9 or less? Oh I forgot. But in the end all of us brought home something. 
Chicago; Soloista;


Chicago; Soloista
From then until we left Chicago, we just walked. Took pictures in the bridge, the closed Chicago theater with a man asking for money, got honked at the pedestrian crossing because we didn’t make it, posed at the shopping district and got frustrated over some camera settings. It’s hard to fix a camera settings especially if it’s not yours. Haha
Soloista at Chicago


Chicago; Theater; Soloista


Chicago; Soloista; Church; Theater

And Beyond: Skyline

Before the night ends we visited the Skyline viewpoint once more and it was finally a success!! (After two tries) The weather was nice so we got to do what we wanted, take pictures! Haha. On another note, groups of people stay here to bond, couples are hitting it and others are eating while chatting. This place was quiet and it can give you some sort of privacy that you need and more importantly, it has the view. Wish I have this in our backyard. Haha
Chicago; Skyline


Chicago; Skyline
We drove back to the hotel and it was supposed to be a sad but thankful moment to Jacq. However, one thing caught up before the day ends – the car broke down. It suddenly stopped when we are at the hotel – thank God it’s not in the middle of the road. They say the battery was dead so we pushed the car up to the safest spot before the pick-up comes. Though the moment begged to be problematic, we laughed so hard at this bad luck that we got into. It was the first time for all of us. First time J’s car broke down and first time for C and I to push a car. What a memory. Hahaha
Chicago; Skyline
Though our day has been productive and hectic, I was able to sleep quickly the moment I lay my back on the bed. The pick-up’s hasn’t come yet but I’m off to snooze for my early flight. We had a lot of fun that day and I’m satisfied of how it turned out. Truth is, no matter what it is, as long as it’s with your friends, you’ll just laugh at it, which is what we did.

Signature Lounge at the 96th

875 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312.787.9596


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