Late night at Downtown, Chicago

Chicago; Downtown
When I came to Illinois it was 6 PM of Monday. I came from more than 13 hours of land & air travel and the little bit of energy I had was just from my excitement. I doubt I can check out anything in Chicago that day since the call time for the following day was 8:30 in the morning and as a good employee (haha), I tried to be on the safe zone by sleeping early. But then, just as I’m about to go back to my hotel room and request for food service, my college friend came to the rescue. Not only we fetched my dinner, we also hit the road.

I went out at 10:30 pm. It felt like I’m sneaking out. No matter how hard I tried, I can’t get back by midnight (anyway I’m not Cinderella). It takes 30 mins to drive to downtown. I’m worried that I might not be able to make it the next morning, but I can’t take down a great chance. I went out on shorts and t-shirt. Yes, didn’t have time to change. I went off like a high school student that’s about to do a bad deed.
But then, what’s bad about seeing the late night downtown? What’s bad about visiting places without too many people? What’s bad about seeing the city lights? If there’s one, it would be that stores and sites are already closed, and I am left with taking pictures of the streets. Not bad actually, here’s why.
It’s like seeing Chicago as it sleeps, barefaced. Empty streets and one/two bystanders, it was liberating! That means places are free for photos, no one to photobomb and no one to judge you as you pose.
Chicago; Downtown
Note: Not a fan of Trump, neither of politics
The same is true not just for the streets, but for bridges, establishments and anything a tourist will deemed worth it.


Chicago; Downtown


Chicago; Downtown


Stores are closed, but the lights are still on and that’s what makes the night alive.


You can meet the strict guard. He’s at the park’s entrances chasing away people like us who’s trying to get a picture of The Bean (for example) like it will do harm. Don’t worry, we are obedient, just one “Get out! The park is closed.” and we’re gone.


Chicago; Downtown
If you can slip through you’ll see the darkest Bean of the day.

Photos like this is one rare chance I’m glad I take, and that’s all because of the late night road trip.

Chicago; Downtown
@ Field Museum of Natural History
Bonus: A police car is behind us while I’m taking this picture
That’s all the places we went during this first day. It was just a few but we did a lot of walking. We also tried to go see the skyline but we didn’t find our way in that day (but we did on the following days ;D). It was a bit heart breaking for me to end the day, but I’ll have a heart attack the following day so I avoided further damage. Ironing my clothes for the whole week was tolerable cause at least, I’m already at the hotel. Haha! Now you know what I did right after.
Although I wasn’t able to try some food and enter parks, my first day in Chicago was still awesome! Unplanned excursions and the fear that comes with it, it was worth it. It’s true, the night was young that day. I didn’t know I can do so much even on uncertain hours. So much for being lakwatsera, I have friends that support me, and I’m just.. so thankful.


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