Hungry for Zip Line? Try Dahilayan Adventure Park!

Dahilayan Adventure Park Zip Line

In every destination, there’s always a zip line – Tagaytay, Baguio, Cebu, Camiguin, in the city or not, but you know what, this zip line’s the longest dual zip line in Asia – the Dahilayan Adventure Park  – Asia’s Longest Dual Zip line in 820 meters long – who doesn’t want this experience?

The Dahilayan Adventure Park is located at Bukidnon, Philippines at a pine-grove forest. It is owned by the Paras Family. It is famous because of its longest dual zip line in Asia. 
From the tickets area, a Safari Cruiser will take you to the starting point of the zip line which is what they called the launch tower.

Dahilayan Adventure Park Zip Line
The Safari Cruiser

Zip Line at Dahilayan
This will be a long ride!
The ride felt long though it’s only around a minute. We passed inside a forest and on our way I’m feeling nervous because the down slopes pushed me forward and I felt like slipping through the straps. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the amazing view! It feels great to be superman sometimes.

Zip Line at Dahilayan Adventure Park
Photo Op right after the zip line. Rates at the end of this post

Aside from the zip line, they also have the one in sitting position which is two-way called 
350MT plus 150MT Zipline. See my first photo. This zip line is way shorter and near the tickets area.

The park also has a drop zone which is done by pair or solo. The guest will be lifted 120ft above the ground and will be dropped off, swinging until the motion’s gone. I think this cost around 400-700 pesos for each person.

Drop Zone at Dahilayan Adventure Park

Drop Zone Dahilayan

Drop Zone
I don’t know how many stories of a building this equates to but you can really tell it’s damn high!

Drop Zone Dahilayan
Sakto ang “I Love” sa post nila – pa-heart heart pa!
Drop Zone Dahilayan
Yeah, I love Dropzone though I did not try it.

The place is Tagaytay-ish in view and ambiance. Lodge and activity area are also available. Check out through the following photos:

Dahilayan Adventure Park
Playground that is certainly not for kids.

Dahilayan Adventure Park
This scene reminds me of Twilight
Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Adventure Park
I can’t remember how many times we tried to have a perfect jump shot but this is the best that we had! 😛

Dahilayan Adventure Park
Ula with out souvenir photos. 

We rented a cab to take us from Cagayan De Oro City to the place. Along the two hours ride, we passed by a check point where we soaked and run our bare feet on water. They said this can prevent diseases from coming to their region. It’s weird but it’s required so no choice.
We also passed by the very long Del Monte farm and saw their corns, pineapple and other fruits and vegetables. We also did passed by Del Monte home owners, the residential area for their employees. That is a pretty long ride, but the view along the way already paid the price.


Longest Zip Line – PHP 500
320MT plus 150MT Zipline – PHP 250
Dropzone – Single: PHP 500; Tandem: PHP 750
Other attractions on the park and updated rates are available on their website (see info at the end of this post)



– Get a flight going to Cagayan De Oro. Airlines like Cebu  Pacific Air and Airasia always sell promo tickets. Though I noticed tickets from Cebu City are way cheaper.
– Rent a cab or van to go straight to the park in Bukidnon. Travel time is 2 hours one way.
– There’s also a scheduled shuttle to and from Cagayan De Oro City-Dahilayan Park. It is available on Saturday mornings 8:00 at Divisoria. Return is around 3PM.

– One can also commute from Agora Bus Terminal and Market going to Brgy Camp Philips, Manolo Fortich through jeepney or van then take a habal habal to take you to the park.  


  • We availed individual rides. Packages are also available which may include lunch or transportation.
  • Visit early in the morning (8:00-10:00), or late in the afternoon (15:00-17:00) to avoid harsh sunlight and traffic.
  • When you visit, take a video of your zip line ride! Yes you can have your cameras with you during the ride but be sure it will not slip on your hands.
  • Try the Drop Zone. I regret not being able to try this experience.
  • Bring snacks and water with you. Food is expensive inside the park and the location is also not always accessible, especially if you’re doing rides.

Dahilayan Adventure Park


Mobile No. 0922-880-1319

*All photos in this post are owned by Michael Cuvos.


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