Quick Escape to Lake Pandin!

In my whole life, I’ve never been to lakes. The only picture of a lake that registers in my mind are from movies or black and white photos from children’s books! I’m still fascinated by stories that gave life to such body of water and it was passed on from kids to outsiders. Different stories that ranges from folklore to accidents. Well, all I know is, a lake is as deep as its mysteries.

Last month, my curiosity was finally fulfilled when my friends planned to have a get-together. “Day tour only, less than a thousand near Manila” – a line from my friend who convinced me with her salestalk strategy. Who will resist on that? I accepted it a week before the actual date and I was happy that we will visit Lake Pandin in big number!

Warning: Sensitive images may be seen on this post. Parental guidance is advised.

Lake Pandin

Lake Pandin is located at Brgy. San Lorenzo in San Pablo City of Laguna. It is one of the Seven Lakes system in San Pablo and it has a twin – Yambo lake. They are separated by a thin strip of land. A legend about a cursed woman is said to have brought the twin lakes. It was told that the woman named Pandin was prohibited from stepping on earth, or else something terrible will happen. She has a lover, Yambo, and with him not knowing about the curse, he made the woman step on earth which caused the formation of the twin lakes.

How to go reach Lake Pandin?

– Ride a bus bound for San Pablo Laguna and alight at SM San Pablo. Buses which have daily trips are JAC Liner/JAM Liner at Kamias EDSA or at Buendia terminal. It will be a 2-3hours ride excluding traffic.
– At SM San Pablo there are jeepneys which go to San Pablo Cathedral. Take that and get off at Cathedral.
– In front of San Pablo Cathedral and beside 7-11, there are jeepneys which go directly to Lake Pandin parking area.
Our group departs at 9AM from EDSA terminal because of the noodle-like line from JAM Liner. We waited there for 2 hours! My God! We already catch up on everyone yet we haven’t stepped on the bus.
The next scene would be arriving at SM San Pablo and getting a snack because all those hours made us hungry and thirsty! It’s already 12 noon and we’re saving our tummies for our balsa lunch! Konting tiis pa daw. Haha! Also, be sure to contact the organizer at Lake Pandin 2-3 days before getting there. Her name is Aling Siony and she takes care of your lunch etc. I don’t think bringing your own food is prohibited.
Parking area. Entrance
If you’re new to the area, hire a guide that will take you to Lake Pandin. It is a 15minutes walk from the parking area. The guides I’m talking about are usually children. But the next time you’ll go there, it will definitely be a simple left and right for you because believe me, it will take no sweat to remember the directions.

It took us 30 minutes from the jeepney ride from Cathedral. This time we’re desperate to rest our butts somewhere shaded, cool and with food! I’m freakin’ hungry! My friends and the nice view of Mt. Makiling are the only commercials keeping me away from my hungry thoughts. So when I knew that we were boarding the balsa, I was more excited to take a spot and eat than take pictures! LOL.

There’s nothing much to do at the 2-hours balsa ride at Lake Pandin and yet I’m surprised that we’re left with wanting more. We swam there for about an hour after eating. We utilized the hanging tire-swing, took jump shots and tadpole shots (hahaha! Langoy tadpole kase,malikot at paikot-ikot). At one point we found ourselves torn between incoming and outgoing rafts and we’re like scattered everywhere just to avoid getting run over. My friends even try to do the Nestea jump (based on the commercial – that is jumping backwards).

Lifevest is required on this 64-meters deep lake.
We didn’t get the chance to view Lake Yambo which is on the other side of the thin strip of land we are docking. But overall, the experience is already satisfying!
After riding the raft, we were asked to answer a sort-of survey sheet. Wow! The management here is really committed on improving their service and I can say they’re doing great. Groups are queued and attended by a single person (Aling Siony) which makes arrangements easier and manageable, thus no waste of time. Foods are prepared beforehand so all they have to do is put it in your raft – and don’t worry, the food is still warm.
Getting washed up on the other hand has a little downside since there are no available shower rooms. There are only toilet rooms. But this should be expected since we’re on a nature trip here guys! Walang maarte! Don’t me. LOL
We just washed ourselves on the makeshift pipes which gave us the happiness of our #friendshipgoals. HAHAHA! Achieve na achieve! And yeah, we got the boys do the pumping action. XD
After our funny and short get together, we ate dinner at SM San Pablo (and its around 6PM) since the next trip going home would be another butt-numbing 3 hours. Err! That’s because of traffic. I took a different route going home so I wasn’t able to check on my friends after, but I’m pretty sure their faces are knocked-out due to exhaustion and happiness. Naks!
Our group. I know, bad quality. But no, we’re not bad. LOLs
Sample Itinerary and summary of expenses:


  • Make sure to inform Aling Siony 2-3 days before your trip. Contact no. +63929 978 9565.
  • LNT (Leave No Trace). Always!
Thanks to our friend Nona for organizing this trip… and of course, for treating me! #feelingspecial #charot

“As with any journey, who you travel with is more important

than the destination.” – unknown

Note: Not all photos in this post are mine.


Hi! I'm your Pinay Soloista from the Philippines. I'm a full time I.T. Professional and part time wanderer. I'm an anime kid, newbie bookworm, and I also love to sketch and paint.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your itinerary! It's rainy season na pero di pako nakakapag bakasyon. I'm aiming to go somewhere na medyo malapit and I think this place is nice. Will share it with my partner he likes to go. 🙂

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