Twelve months waiting, 2 days preparation and four days happiness! It only took me two days to prepare my 4-days itinerary for my solo travel to Port Barton, Palawan. Actually it is within the 2 days when I decided to go to Port Barton instead of El Nido! Hahaha! Anyway, sharing with you some tips and guide for your travel to Port Barton , Palawan!

First of all, where is Port Barton and why should you go there?

Port Barton is located on the northern part of Palawan near San Vicente and 3 hours away from Puerto Princesa City. It is a small fishing village that also does pearl farming. Their tourism is a growing business and they offer a laid back experience. Everything is a humble beginning. Houses made of huts and basic necessities available. No more no less.

The reason you should go there is because of their rich and beautiful underwater treasure which is comparable to El Nido! Snorkeling sites are within reach and island hopping tours are cheaper than in El Nido. Plus! The place is not crowded so you’ll get that peace and soul-searching that you want! 😛

So to help you with your itinerary, here are some tips/guide:

Port Barton

How to go there?

Coming from Puerto Princesa, Palawan
There are vans and buses located at San Jose Terminal (Which is now called New Market) that goes directly to Port Barton. To get to San Jose Terminal, just ride a tricycle or multicab (with New Market signage) anywhere in the city and it cost Php 13. Travel time from the New Market to Port Barton is approximately 2.5 hours.
o  Public buses (not airconditioned) leave the terminal at 9AM but schedule is rare. Cost is Php 200.
o  The vans – which are operated by Recarro (contact nos. +63 909 351 3037 | +63 905 485 8597) – have a regular schedule which starts from 730AM with one hour interval. Last schedule is at 2PM. It costs Php 350.00.
Coming from Roxas, Palawan
There is a daily jeepney (which is as big as a bus) that goes to Port Barton. I just don’t know the schedule but you’ll chance on one at Roxas Terminal.

A Church in Port Barton
Coming from San Vicente, Palawan
  •  Coming from San Vicente, you’ll have to get toRoxas Terminal first and catch a jeepney that goes to Port Barton. It costs Php 250-350 coming from San Vicente.
  • Another option is to hire a habal-habal that will take you to Port Barton using the new road that directly connects the two (without passing by Roxas Terminal). It will costs around Php 500.
  •  One can also rent a boat in San Vicente and it goes directly to Port Barton. It costs Php 1400 or more for a small boat that can take 4 people.
Coming from El Nido
  •  One way is to go to Roxas Terminal then catch the daily jeepney and that’s two rides from El Nido. It will cost around Php 500 up to Port Barton.
  •   Another way is to ride the Recarro vans which also has schedule for El Nido to Port Barton and v.v. It will cost around Php 700.
  •   Boat ride – there’s no public boats/RORO. You’ll have to rent one, not sure on the price though.
This is the jeepney that goes to Roxas Terminal. It is located in front of the church and has morning and afternoon schedule.

Where to Stay?

There are lots of cheap options in Port Barton and they are located at the main road. Here are some of my cheap options:
  • Ayette’s Bamboo House – costs Php 1000/night for a private room for 2 with own CR. Contact no. 0928-408-1551, 0918-967-6844, 0915-829-9790
  • Princess Michaela – Dorm room costs Php 350/night. You’ll be sharing the room with 3 other guests. Common CR. Contact no. +63 948 236 1099
  •  Summer Homes – Private room with own CR costs Php 950/night. Room is good for 2. Contact no.   0921-401-6906/0928-594-4484
Dorm room at Princess Michaela. Because I’m in a budget, I chose to have the cheapest available accommodation.

Where to Eat?

  • Gacayan Restaurant. This small restaurant which is kind of ‘carinderia‘ is a good option if you want affordable meals with quick serving time. They have foods ranging from Filipino to American foods. This is located on the main road of Port Barton.
  • Ayette’s Bamboo House and Restaurant. This guesthouse also has a restaurant that will let you eat under bamboo cottages. Their food is a bit expensive but it is worth the taste and serving!
  • Jambalaya Cajun Cafe. A small bar in the beach where you can have your nightly drinks.

What to do?

  • Chase waterfalls. There are two famous waterfalls in Port Barton. These are Pamoayan Falls and Bigaho Falls. Both can be accessed through motorcycle. There are motorcycles for rent or you could hire a habal-habal. Rate is Php 300-500 two-way for one falls (talk with the driver); double it up if you’ll go to both waterfalls. 
Pamoayan Falls from afar

KKuya Bunsoy is my habal-habal driver and guide, you may contact him for tours: 0918 758 2073

  • Go Island Hopping/snorkeling. Fixed rate is Php700 for all types of island hopping tours. There are 4 different tours and all of them have German Island and Twin Reef – two of the most popular. All destinations are within reach and the whole tour would last about six hours. The tours are included with lunch and rent of snorkeling gears. This is a must if you want to see Port Barton’s beauty!
Snorkeling at Twin Reef
  • Roam around Port Barton. Since Port Barton is a small village, you can go on touring this place without hassle. Walk around and feel the ambiance of a humble living. Visit their church, schools and local carinderias to learn more about the people.
  • Watch the sunset. It is in this moment when you’ll feel thankful of what you have in life. Such views will make you feel lucky that you witnessed one of the most beautiful pictures of Mother Nature. Sunset in Port Barton is a MUST-SEE!
The bookstore that I found while I was strolling. 
Here is a sample itinerary for a two days stay in Port Barton:


  • Electricity in Port Barton is from 6PM to 1AM only.
  • Eco Ticket (Php50) is required when Island Hopping. It can be bought on the tourism office. Plus! They give free maps too!
  • Skipping on eating breakfast at restaurants will save you a lot! Opt for bringing your own grocery for breakfast or cook one.
  • You can walk your way to the waterfalls to save money – but you must be very fit to do it!
  • Dust in Port Barton is massive so a hat and sunglasses are necessary.
  • There’s no night life at Port Barton, just mini bars where you can have a good chat over local beers.
  • Help out local Pinoys by not haggling too much and by buying their services/goods.
  • Go to San Vicente for a side trip!

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Hope you’ll have a good time in Port Barton!

Glens 🙂


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