Over Coffee II – Notes after my hibernation

Hey there!

It’s been ages since I posted anything on my blog, which is why a chikahan Over Coffee is the perfect post. You ready? Got your coffee? This will be quick!

1. Hibernation 

Lately I’m so unmotivated to do anything. I can’t say I dwell into arts or improving other talents because I just literally have been watching Netflix and K-dramas over the past months. I feel tired every morning but am full of energy at night, thus the reason I’m always oversleeping and late at work. I’m still in the process of changing this schedule and hopefully, I get the drive to start working on my pending blog posts.

And oh! Just so you know, I’ve been watching Men on a Mission and finished a couple of series/movies on Netflix – Sta Clarita Diet, Stranger Things 2, Insatiable, Umaru-chan and Tangled on repeat. Currently watching Friends.

2. Maladaptive Daydreaming 

In relation to my loss of interest to do anything, I came across this term when I searched of my behavior.

— excerpt from healthline.com

  • extremely vivid daydreams with their own characters, settings, plots, and other detailed, story-like features
  • daydreams triggered by real-life events
  • difficulty completing everyday tasks
  • difficulty sleeping at night
  • an overwhelming desire to continue daydreaming
  • performing repetitive movements while daydreaming
  • making facial expressions while daydreaming
  • whispering and talking while daydreaming
  • daydreaming for lengthy periods (many minutes to hours)

Almost all bullets apply to me. I maybe so lost in my current life that I resort to the imaginary world. But don’t worry, I’m not yet crazy. The worst thing that you will see is me staring blankly at times, and this happens to everyone.

3. Goodbye 

This is one sad moment, but I can’t take away the fact that 2 of my dogs died in the middle of the year. One is due to sickness, and the other is purely accidental. To our oldest and second to the youngest, we will always remember you.

4. A baby in the family 

Having a baby in the family is really entertaining. It became a driving factor for our families to go out every Sunday or just buy baby stuff. Buying milk and diapers also became one of our routines and our group chat was flooded with baby pictures. How sweet!

5. Throwback Everyday 

Since I’ve been on hiatus for a year now, all I have to post on my social media pages are throwback photos. One colleague of mine noticed this and now I’m thinking if this is wrong. Every time I’m going to post a photo I had to consider if my photo is timely and relevant. Regardless, it didn’t take long before I bombarded others’ timeline with my old photos once again. What is the criteria for “throwback” photos anyway?

6. Gym what? 

Remember when I signed up on a gym membership? Well this month’s the last month and I don’t have plans to extend or signed up on another. I just don’t think hitting the gym is for me, because I don’t enjoy it. Scratch what I said back then, we’ll break up eventually. Haha I’m thinking of buying a bicycle, a road one maybe. I enjoy riding a bicycle, though I only had a mamachari in my entire lifetime. Getting a road/mountain bike and sharing it with cars (and trucks!) is what scares me, but let’s see.

7. Upcoming trip 

I have an upcoming trip next month. I’m excited and worried because I haven’t prepared anything yet. Accommodations, nah, Return Ticket, nah, JR Pass, nah. But it’s still okay since I haven’t applied for a VISA yet which is my ticket to enter Japan…
So, I think you would understand if I can’t end this post properly right?
See yah!


Hi! I'm your Pinay Soloista from the Philippines. I'm a full time I.T. Professional and part time wanderer. I'm an anime kid, newbie bookworm, and I also love to sketch and paint.

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