Fulfilling the Kdrama Dreams

I always mention in this blog, that I love k-drama. Recently I’m more of the Kpop, but I love both in moderation. I may not be the crazy merch-hoarder, concert-goer and tweeter-soldier but I love the Hallyu Wave as much as others that I want to go their country, and I did, finally.
Last November (ikr, super late post bcoz I’m lazy), my friend and I went to Seoul South Korea. We are the usual tourist going to usual tourist spots, but like other Filipinos, we also went to Kdrama shooting locations. You can call our 7-days stay as “Fulfilling the Kdrama Dreams” trip.


Fulfilling the Kdrama Dreams

Our stay was mostly inspired by Kdramas that we love but there are some sites which are the usual tourist attractions. We didn’t spend so much on food but we had set meals twice. We also have our hits and misses but in the end it leaves us wanting to stay longer. Kung kaya ko lang na hindi magtrabaho at magtravel nalang, I would in South Korea.
Our Airbnb apartment is conveniently located in the city and is very cute. See below:


This may also be the reason why I want to stay longer. The Airbnb has a nice view, especially at night where you have a view that’s similar to what you can see in a rooftop apartment. The beds are comfortable, the unit is nice and everything’s almost provided. We did stack up the fridge with our snacks like the unit’s ours. Haha charot lang! feeler!


But like what we see on Kdramas, the unit has a pin code to unlock the doors, a security camera and a nearby convenience store (at the foot of the building). Medyo tumanga kame when unlocking the doors but we got the experience. 😅
We used the subway and buses a lot, and that “Beep” card, I wished Philippines can widely implement. It is so convenient, you can use it to buy on convenience stores.
Soloista Eating Samgyupsal
We had a grand first dinner in Korea, a whopping 2k/head Korean Barbecue. We ate in Myeongdong area where we exchanged our money and since our WON’s still hot, we didn’t bother spending too much on our dinner (though we did regret it later).

Shooting Locations 

It feels so exciting and surreal to have been on a location known by a lot of people all over the world. There’s this kilig and tuwa knowing that your favorite artist have once breathe the same air as you on those places.
My Love From The Star
Legend of the Blue Sea
Winter Sonata (though I haven’t watched it)


MBC World 

With the artists standee and hand print, we already got our Oppa-fix! There are also some booths which makes you look like sitting beside an artist (and GD will even kiss you!), a hologram theatre, and a digital signing booth from your MBC artists.
Of course our trip is not just about Kdrama and Kpop (but most of it is). We went to Gyeongbukgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul Tower and Nami Island. All of them I will create a separate post because you know me, I’m a story teller, I tend to have a long post. So that’s it! A year before the posts came in. I may not be able to completely refresh my memory, some pictures I might have lost already, but I will try my best to remember the most important details.
Yes, finally. I can delete you Subway App.
Till my next post!


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