Seeing the Statue of Liberty for Free!


If you would read my New York blog posts, you would know that this chance was announced on a short notice. I also got the idea of going to New York with my colleague’s advice, because why not, I’m already there. That is why with less than 2 months, I researched rigorously on ways I can save while sightseeing. One of them is seeing the Statue of Liberty for FREE!

The Staten Island Ferry

This info I got of course from the internet, so no credits taken. But if you are contented in seeing The Statue of Liberty from afar, then this is the trick for you.
The Staten Island Ferry is a passenger ferry serving people transferring between Manhattan and Staten Island. The ferry service is between St. George on Staten Island and Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan. With it being free, yes FREE!, one can have a view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan within 25 minutes.
The vessels and terminals are run by NYC DOT.
As this is a passenger ferry, I suggest tourist take the trips out of the rush hours to give the locals their rightful ride to and from Manhattan. The trips are originally created for them, so unless this is your last chance, don’t ride the ferry during rush hours (or better not at all if you can afford the trips to Statue of Liberty Island itself).
The terminal in Lower Manhattan is pinned below:
Check out their website for the schedule and please do read the Passenger Rules of Conduct section before you go. Be a responsible tourist/traveler and don’t forget to respect other city’s RULES and culture.

The Soloista Goes to See The Statue of Liberty for Free

Coming from Brooklyn Bridge I took the train going to Bowling Green Station (or Greenwich St., I don’t remember, either are the nearest I can get to). I think I transferred once. Arriving at the station, I walked straight to the terminal. At first I was confused where to enter because this is also the dock for the private tours to Statue of Liberty. I just followed some others and walked inside the big white building, took the escalator and walked past the ticket terminal. I just waited there until the doors opened for the departing crowd.
  • There are food stalls inside the terminal.
  • Expect lots of tourists.
  • No air conditioner.
  • No tissue on comfort rooms.
  • Free Wifi available.
  • Saw a lot of Filipinos. We really are everywhere huh? 😀
ferry; liberty
This is how far we are
The best photo that I have

It took me 2 hours round-trip because I still waited for the trip going back. This is where I knew there’s a snickers ice cream bar (sorry not available in our country) and that pigeons also dock inside the terminal.
It’s refreshing inside the Staten Island terminal, the sea breeze is enough to replace air conditioning.
Yeah girl you can’t have a better photo going back.
The trip back to Manhattan was more relaxed for me. I didn’t bother squeezing myself to the front because I’m already tired plus I do already have photos. I just sat there on the lower deck and watched other people hurrying to get a seat and perfect spot.
Overall, this experience was one of my proudest moments because I looked for a way to save money while sightseeing. I just brought me some patience, contentment and a bit more of my usual navigation skills (because I sucked in it gawd!). Oh! AND common sense. 😁

Note: This is a latepost. This trip was last July 2017.

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