Lower Manhattan and what I thought was

Soloista in Lower Manhattan Battery Park

Soloista at Battery Park
It’s my third day in New York and I went out to check Lower Manhattan and what I thought was in Lower Manhattan.

I think I lost some weight because of today’s activities. I walked long distance for hours in Lower Manhattan and I even starved myself just to cover more places. The sights though kept me entertained so I didn’t notice that I was hungry until I felt some dizziness. The blame is on the following: 

 Battery Park

Park Lower Manhattan
Park in Lower Manhattan
After the free ferry ride, I went to see this park by the sea. Just the usual park with flower garden, food stalls, grassland and street performers. I think I even saw snakes available for picture taking. 😑 But this park is regarded as where the history of New York City began.

Battery Park Lower Manhattan
The Statue of Liberty as seen from Battery Park Manhattan
The Statue of Liberty can be traced from here
Boat docked in Battery Park Manhattan
It is also worth noticing the boats docked on the side to fetch passengers for Statue of Liberty. They make the view more refreshing. Beside the park is the WWII Memorial which has monuments honoring soldiers.
Battery Park Lower Manhattan


Charging Bull 

Charging Bull
Instead of admiring the sculpture – the Wall Street icon symbolizing the Financial District, I cringed at all the people around it squeezing themselves like some rat that is after a chase. Honestly, it’s so jam-packed you could barely see the bull. And no matter what part of the bull it is, it would go on someone’s photo album. I just scratched this off after seeing that crowd and went straight to Chinatown.


Continuing my Lower Manhattan sightseeing, I went to Chinatown. It’s like being in Binondo, but on a much larger scale. The shops and signs are in Chinese and most of them sell merchandise items. The domination runs for a few blocks and then back to normal. I was actually more interested in finding a restaurant and stuffing my stomach so I chose.. what else, Chinese food.
Noodles and Bubble Milk Tea from XO Taste.
This restaurant has one of the highest ratings in the area.
I got Hakaw, a BIG bowl of noodles and Bubble Milk Tea. The serving is enough for two but what can I do, I can’t bring the left overs home. I just admired the steam and hot soup on a fine hot day. Err.

Little Italy

Little Italy Lower Manhattan New York
Walking across Lower Manhattan, I came upon Little Italy. Finding this is actually a surprise because I was looking for SoHo and not Little Italy. I just knew that this is the place after the streets turned into some kind of festival where there’s tables outside and streets are narrower and the most obvious clue, there’s a lot of cameras. (Meaning people taking photos. After a while I joined them too) 


I’m actually not sure if this is the right place until fashion boutiques started filling each block. That’s when I said, “Ah, this is SoHo”.
A Shop in SoHo New York
Funny how there’s a trash bag in front of it
Map of all the places mentioned
Map of the Places Lower Manhattan

Flat Iron Building

Yes, this is included but I got it wrong. I thought Flat Iron Building is near SoHo so I walked for about 1.5 hours trying to find it in the vicinity. It’s even funny that after some turns I went back to where I started, Chinatown. 😂 So what I did was connect to Starbucks’ WiFi and Google it ONCE AND FOR ALL. It turned out Flat Iron is somewhere in Midtown. Guess I didn’t do a proper research after all.
That’s one heck of a busy day. Though I was dead tired out of all the walking in Lower Manhattan, I’m still thankful that I walked again ever since I can’t remember. With all the traffic in Manila you’ll just want to lock yourself in the house and watch movies. So I hope my aching body has a return of investment. God I hope I lost some pounds, like, please?

Note: This is a latepost. This trip was last July 2017.

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