Last of Summer: Inflatable Island

Inflatable Island Subic
Good news guys, people are now getting creative. They can now turn any meh! into yeah!By introducing new activities that will surely turn heads and ears. Business strategies or ‘pakulo‘ was a boom these past few years and I’m amazed how these people get their ideas.
To cut it short, I’d like to lead you to Inflatable Island in Olongapo City. A massive connected inflatables with obstacles lie on the waters of Samba Blue Water Resort. It consists of slides, trampoline, Tarzan swing, rock climbing section and all other sections that will put your muscles at work.
Inflatable Island Subic
First released on media influencers, the news about an exciting water playground scattered quickly on adventure seeking millennials. Its accessibility and freshness brought a whole new idea of enjoying summer. Plus! A Bali inspired lounge will surely make its spot on your Instagram feed. That’s another item on your bucket list guys, that is, if you are okay with your balancing skills and not afraid to fall, slip, slam and do whatever pose it takes to pass through an obstacle.
Expect the possibilities – you slipping hilariously, your underwear – showing, your face on someone’s butt (or you know what), and your friends helping your fats up the floating ground (in my case). That is why, if you want to enjoy the trip, here are some tips to prepare you for your day:
Inflatable Island Subic

1. Do wear sunblock, but not the sticky one 

The floating ground is one slippery bastard. At first it looks easy, but the difficulty to stand up and walk might limit your exploration. It should help that you have a sunblock that dries up completely before you enter the playground. I don’t know if there’s one that will but you’ll be thankful for its benefit.

2. Hydrate! 

You don’t want to enter the playground and be thirsty a few minutes later. You’ll get baked, so hydrate before you play.
Inflatable Island Subic

3. Keep moving

If you can’t stand and walk you can crawl your way to the different stops. Just don’t get stuck and sacrifice yourself in the sun. Rest and keep moving! I’ll prefer you run though so you can cover more stops.

4. Wear the proper attire, specifically for bottoms

I found that leggings will fix the “surprise hello” as a result of the acrobatics. So if you’re the type who’s not afraid to show your butt and ‘singit-singit’ then go, but if you’re not comfortable with that,  go for leggings or knee-length cycling.
Inflatable Island Subic

5. It’s all about upper body strength

The entrance to the floating ground already challenges your upper body strength by pulling yourself up. For all the times that you’ll be back at sea, you’ll pull yourself up again using the handles or belt provided on recovery platforms. Most of the sections will also require you to climb up to experience it. Basically, get your arms ready!
Inflatable Island Subic

6. Play in the morning

If you want calm sea and steady playground, do it in the morning. Afternoon waves are strong enough to shook narrow floating bridges, but you can make sense of the balancing exercises in your P.E. class at school.

7. Take precaution

This playground is dangerous enough to shook someone’s head, break a leg or get cuts and bruises. And it’s a no-no to swimming under the floaters, it’s heavy and you might get trapped. Anyways, everything will be discussed to you during the orientation so please follow it.
Inflatable Island Subic

8. Just do it! 

There are times that you might regret not doing it, so JUST DO IT! The sections might be challenging to some people, but it’s the courage to do it that will make it memorable. I almost said no to this Tarzan swing, but after I did it, though with an embarrassing fall, I want to do it again and make it satisfactory!
Inflatable Island Subic
For those who want to chill, Kabanas and a Bali Lounge will be your best friends. I’d like to note though the hot sand can toast your feet, so don’t forget that thick flip flops! Other than that, check out the FAQs and rates on their website because there’s no other place you can check the updated ones.
Inflatable Island Subic
On the other hand, here is how my day went (just in case you want to know):
Inflatable Island Subic
Inflatable Island Subic
We went to Inflatable Island on a Friday. We left at 5:30AM from Ortigas and reached the location by 9:30AM with a breakfast stop-over. There are lots of parking space and we were surprised to see lots of people. This is a sign that weekends are packed. We set our bags on the cabana, changed our clothes on the shower room and went to the orientation.
Inflatable Island Subic
Food stalls. 
We were liked sausages grilled under the sun. Di ka pa nakakailang minuto haggarda ka na. Hahaha Right after orientation, we hold our waivers and went straight to Bali Lounge. Legit camwhores, we didn’t care to start the team building activities. Oh, it’s a team building, haven’t I mentioned? Hahahha
My bed hair didn’t cooperate so I was very lazy to capture every bit. We get on with 2 games prepared by our team and got baked under the sun. We are conducive to heat stroke, so we finish quickly. What comes next is the consumption of ice candy, free cold water and lunch. The food is okay. The fruit shake needs some more water and blending, and the canned drinks are damn expensive. Fifty pesos for a coke in can, anyone?
Inflatable Island Subic
We rested for a bit and put our valuables in the locker before we enter the playground. You’ll present your waiver to get a life vest, then you’ll put your slippers on the provided rack and go running for water. This time I don’t know if we’re on a beach or a volcanic ash carpet.
Now we swam to the entry point and wouldn’t have made it if not because of help. Damn you fats! For the rest of day I just went back to being a toddler. Crawling here and there. I’m too afraid to stand up so I was surprised to see myself on the other side.
Inflatable Island Subic
I just followed my team mates, you know, to have someone help me back up when I fall. HAHA And this following also pressured me to try the Tarzan swing. I cannot remember how many “Go Glency!” I’ve heard, maybe 10. HAHA But I still jump, though ridiculously. I closed my eyes and released the bar few seconds after I grabbed it. This proves I need to go back to the gym. After the fall, it was, great! Like my fear of falling all washed up by the sea. The next thing we’re at the trampoline doing group shots.
Inflatable Island Subic
I did not stay long in the playground, I felt our all-day pass was wasted. The GoPro I handed over to my team mate. I, on the other hand, stick my butt on the bean bags. I was there for an hour. Hahaha I don’t know why but I don’t have the energy to try all stations in the playground. I just told myself, next time.
Inflatable Island Subic
We left around 5PM and stopped over for dinner. We feasted on Filipino dishes by Coco Lime in Subic. And I didn’t get contented and grabbed a meh cheesecake. We’re back at Ortigas by 9PM.
The day ended with me spending time with my bed. Gaawwd I’m awake for 36 hours with the reason too embarrassing to tell. I quickly shut down the moment I lay my body on the bed and then I’m onto dreamland. HAHA
Inflatable Island Subic
This day’s tiring but fun.  I’ve been to a different kind of a playground and I’m sure you guys will also enjoy it too! No more promotion or whatevs, go ahead and try it to get the experience!
The Inflatable Island
Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower
Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines


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