My First 2GO Ferry Experience

We had one week left to buy our return tickets before we fly to Coron. As usual, flights are expensive when the date is near and a five thousand worth of ticket is not an option. I thought I would go bankrupt but thankfully, a friend suggested we take 2GO for our return ticket. It was interesting but I’m hesitant at that time, I’m afraid to be at the middle of the sea for too long, it’s like suicide for me, but then I have no choice, I would just have to enjoy my very first experience to ride a ship.
The waiting time felt so long with me sleeping on the benches like some calamity victim. I woke up when the people started coming. I didn’t expect there’ll be a lot of foreigners in here. When the boarding time starts, it’s so out of order. People with backpacks and boxes brisk walked to line-up on the entrance. When we reached a narrow alley, we dropped our bags to let the security dog sniffed it for bombs and other smell it deemed dangerous. I was half nervous when the dog linger on my bag – doggy, they are dried fish. Hahaha
Entering the blocks of double beds, the hallway is narrow. A little bit cramped but enough for a tall pinoy. People on the upper bed blocking the TV on the corners. Laughing as if no one’s sleeping. Kids running around, babies crying and boxes on the hallway branches. I can keep up with that, no problem since I’ve managed to live in a house smaller and crampier before.
Background Music: 2 Become 1 by Spice Girls
Before the dark surrounds the windows, we went up to check on the sunset. The deck is full of pinoys and foreigners with a girl singing her heart out on the karaoke. Not to offend her, but the ambiance could have been better if I’m the one singing. Hahahaha It’s almost perfect! The sunset, though covered with dark clouds and the cool breeze and the unexpected silence in your mind, all torn by the background music. Ughh! 
Before dinner, some staff were going around offering the guests their dinner in advance if they would buy some snacks or what (I forgot). The ticket is inclusive with dinner and linens. I find it absurd to actually have that kind of strategy. Besides, the dinner is not something to look forward to. I should’ve just brought my dinner when I boarded the ship.
My friend and I availed the Tourist Class bed in hope of a more comfortable stay. It costs less than Php2000 for a bunk bed on a room with air conditioning. I had to extend my leave since the travel will take 12 hours overlapping the next day. The hours seems long but I expected to spend it on sleeping so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem. Hell, I thought it’s not. I can count the hours that I’ve slept on one hand.
The whole trip would’ve been better if not because of the noisy guests on the neighboring beds. I can tolerate the stinky comfort rooms but not the voices of men chatting across the hallway. You know how men can be noisier than women. Oh God just let me sleep. 
You’ll know who I’m talking about
There was also drunken a foreigner half naked, making a scene 3 beds away from my feet. One of them even records the whole drama using his phone and pointed it on the sleeping audience. Really Kuya?! I’m about to shout at them when a man on my right started talking about the guests on the end of the alley that sells nutritional drinks. He said they’re on networking. I’m so irritated to even digest what he’s saying so I shrugged him off right away.
That’s kuyang rapper
Morning came and I’m awakened by the sound of rap music near me. The teenager on the next bed started playing this amateur rap music through his phone. It was around 5:30AM. Not contented he started rapping. Oh what a music to start the day! Can I be mean at least once?! Haha Ok.
As I can’t possibly continue my sleep, I just thought of the remaining hours left before we arrive to Manila. I’m excited to go down. I can taste a Jollibee meal and fruit juice on my mouth. Craving to the max. Just a few more hours and I’m free.
The timing might not be perfect since my stay in 2GO is not all comfortable. If people can be more considerate of others, then probably all guest aboard will have a good time. The bed and safety is all good, but the rest I don’t know. If ever I’ll go with 2GO again, I’ll get the private cabin hoping it’ll be more comfortable. But again it always depend on the people you share the room with and your attitude in unlikely situations. The first experience may not be the last, so I hope if ever I’ll board with 2GO again, it’ll be a better experience. Think of me as picky, but you’ll never want to mess with a cranky girl. 


Hi! I'm your Pinay Soloista from the Philippines. I'm a full time I.T. Professional and part time wanderer. I'm an anime kid, newbie bookworm, and I also love to sketch and paint.

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