Sunset at Corong-Corong Beach in El Nido Palawan

Corong Corong Beach El Nido Sunset


As I was cleaning my old posts about El Nido, I decided to split up the lengthy ones and re-post them. This post is one of the removed content but then it is too good to just pile in draft. So here it is.

It was 2014 when I first visited El Nido, Palawan and El Nido is just amazing to be my decision point to go back every year. Many times I tried to go back, but I was always shifted to other parts of Palawan. But then it was the greatest decision since I was able to see the beauty of Palawan in different sides! And hey, it’s crazy.

I haven’t been traveling for long, and the places I’ve been to is still few. Though I’ve covered many sunsets and each one of them is memorable, I still haven’t forgotten the first sunset that I’ve loved. First love, never dies. Corny.

It’s not the perfect sunset out of all the rest, but it’s just my bias, because the memories of my first solo travel is just that, UNFORGETTABLE.

Corong Corong Beach El Nido
Corong Corong Beach El Nido
Watching the orange sky
Corong Corong Beach El Nido
Yes, hindi ko po nalevel ung lines.
Corong-corong beach is one tricycle away from El Nido town. It will cost you a hundred pesos (year 2014) for the ride, but be there earlier, walk your way through the islet, and you’ll receive the blessing. It’s the perfect spot for the perfect view. I wasn’t able to catch it, but still it’s one thing.


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