Kayangan Lake in Coron Palawan

Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
I never really knew that aside from snorkeling spots, there are lakes in Coron, Palawan. Beaches are given, but I will never meet Kayangan Lake if not because of the internet. Thank God I do research before heading out somewhere.
This lake dubbed as one of the cleanest lake in Asia, is a must see in Coron. A wide and deep lake with towering limestone as its fence. On the other end, the sea stretches to unknown boundaries. 
Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
We came by this foreigner who pretended to be the owner of this mini store. 
Feel na feel niya nagbigay pa siya ng presyo!
This destination has an entrance fee of Php 200.00 and at some tour agencies, makes it an optional destination. Of course we couldn’t miss it, so there with Kayangan!
Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
You need to trek 100 steps before seeing the crowded lake. Yes it’s always crowded and noisy! But if you mind your own business you won’t have a problem. Please do mind the gaps though!
It is a short trek up to the viewpoint of Kayangan Bay where boats dock, then trek down to Kayangan Lake. The big steps and steepness still makes it tiring.
Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
Another way to enter the lake without hiking is swimming through the cave underwater. Shortcut right? But only those who have guts can pass through! One lady I was watching says she wouldn’t dare go again because it’s so dark and scary. But I haven’t done that so I can’t really tell if it’s scary. You try.
Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
The water is deeeep! Lots of rock formations and needle fish. If one would go diving it would be to see the rock formations. I didn’t see any when we’re there since the water is foggy.
Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan
All in all, we had a good time staying there. We took a lot of pictures so we had little time swimming. Our timing still is pretty refreshing since it’s our last destination. If I would go back to Kayangan Lake, I would like to go at the perfect timing when there’s no one around. Do some floating shots with no photo bombers and walk freely on the wooden bridge without bumping into someone (the bridge is a bit narrow). But yeah I can’t get something so beautiful all for myself. Silly.
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  1. You've been to lots of places naaaaa! Kainggit! Hirap po kasi mag file na leave samin HAHAHAHA

    We will be visiting Ilo-Ilo on March 1st week and that'll be my 1st out of town trip since I don't know when. I'm not a fan of adventures hence I always prefer staying at home but I'm really looking forward for that trip!

    Enjoy your travels, Ms. Glency 🙂

    Auradelle // Shoot, Eat, Write

  2. Thanks Jvl! 😀
    Didn't see what's under, ang labo kasi ng tubig that time! Sabi ng kasama ko nakakatakot dw sa lalim. Haha!

  3. It's one of my favorite spots when we went to Coron – parang Atlantis s'ya sa ilalim! Your shot of the lake (topmost) is great, btw! 🙂

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