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Milkshake Shake Gastro Food Park
Ending the working day of 2016 was a dinner out of the office. There are times when even the most raved restaurants around the area cannot satisfy your meal. Sawa na in short. That’s why going the extra meter is a good option. Sometimes, we even go farther, and I’m really thankful we did because then I wouldn’t have met Gastro Food Park.


Gastro Food Park is your backyard with lots of stalls offering delicious foods. I can say the stalls are not numerous, but it can offer you different dishes that you’ll surely want to try be it Mexican, Indian, American, Italian and Pinoy.
This night is where I felt bloated. I consumed a lot of food just by picking on another’s plate. You know, sharing. But I really enjoyed the food that we had. I bought a Smores shake and ribs with rice. I’m so girly with the shake but now I thought I should’ve gone with the other flavor. The ribs are as soft as a cotton and very juicy. Just a note, they are not generous with rice.
Ribs and Milkshake
I bought the ribs from Brick Plate. It’s pricey for Php 195.00. The smores’ shake from Sweet Nothings cost Php110. I picked the Barbeque Sauce which did not add up to my happiness because I was craving for something salty that time, and I realized that later. Good thing, my colleague bought Bagnet Sisig which completed my dinner. Now I know what to buy next time!
Sisig Wings
This sisig is heaven I tell you! It’s crunchy but filling at the same time. It’s salty but still umami. It can be bought from the stall called Bagneto, which you can guess what other dishes they serve. For just Php 165, you can have a full plate Bagnet Sisig with one cup of rice. (Still, need more rice)
Gastro Food Park Waffle
If you want something light, there’s waffle available in park. Waffle with an ice cream. The food stall is also Sweet Nothings. My colleague didn’t enjoy this, but maybe because he’s not craving for it. If I wasn’t full back then I might have tried that as dessert. HAHA Matakaw lang. 
Gastro Food Park Isaw
We also had wings and chips which obviously was good for one person (but we did share it) and few sticks of chicken isaw, my favorite. It has breading yet it did not pass my expectation. The hot wings are not as hot, and they’re too small. The dip on the other hand was so good.
Gastro Food Park
Now for a refreshing drink, here’s the big bucket of juice which you can share with your company. It’s available at Surfries for only Php 95.00 and it’s available on two flavors. Actually we were so intrigued as to where they bought this because it looks so cute, we even asked our neighboring table for this.
In the end, our dinner at Gastro Food Park is not bad! It’s good that we even plan to go back and you know, have some bagnet sisig. (Promoting) HAHA If you’re planning to go there a budget of Php 300 per person is safe. Plus it’s better to commute since there’s not enough parking space.
Unfortunately I’ve been there once and I cannot cover all stalls so for information on other food that you can buy, you may visit their website, Facebook page and Instagram page.
If you have tried Gastro Food Park, please share what food have you tried and which is your favorite. I want to know so that I can try that on my next visit. Hit the comment section and let’s chat!
1603, Pasig Blvd, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila
Open Hours: 12PM-12AM
Parking: Street side, in-kind fee.


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