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A beauty on the far west of the Philippines. A town any Filipino and foreigners would know. Popular as it can deliver, because almost all parts of its sea is a coral heaven.
A tricycle driver once said to me that Coron is the Land of Paradise. Great beaches, beautiful corals, diverse marine life. Even if one’s entrance fee goes up to Php 300 per person per day, people would pay the price. Sounds absurd, but we don’t know how much a nature-savvy guy would pay for the experience, especially if Coron can provide a different world underneath. Interesting!
Though the town can offer different activities, braving the sea is the highlight. This is where you need to save those “WOW!” and “WOAH!” for witnessing such beauty. But yeah you can’t say that underwater. 
When I first researched for activities in Coron, I got confused due to different destinations and tour packages available. I learned that the islands/coral gardens near Coron Town are called Coron Islands as it is 30 minutes away. Another group of islands/coral gardens that is 2 hours away from Coron Town is called Lusong which has OH SO PRETTY CORALS! There are more groups away from town which I bet is worth the distance.


Knowing I can’t get all of them in just four days, I chose a tour having the famous destinations – Kayangan Lake and Siete Pecados. The tricky part is not every tour agencies have the same set of tours. Price is also not standardized. But since we are joiners, getting a packaged tour is better than getting a private boat.


Tour B1


Coron Galeri is our first tour coordinator. Their tour prices are reasonable and the boat man and guide are friendlier than in other agencies. Meals, guide, entrance fees, all included on the Php 950.00 price. Snorkeling mask and fin can be rented at Php 150.00 each per day.
Since it’s still low season, we are the only Filipinos on our boat. It’s funny how the foreign people talk about Filipino culture and food like there’s no other Filipinos around. At times I want to interrupt and correct their claims, but naaahh, sayang English.


CYC Island



A not so fancy beach with no corals in sight. This open area beach has shallow and clear blue waters. Good for kids and panorama pictures. Those into diving also does introduction skills in here since it’s shallow.




Siete Pecados


The beach area has white and grainy sand. On the other side of the beach lies the mangrove trees.
Heaven of corals. The name means Seven Fishes according to the boatman. The area has a current which makes it hard to get in the perimeter. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who wasn’t able to swim in here.
Those close-up pictures of corals that you see in posters was taken here. The area is protected from illegal dropping of boat anchors. The boatman says there’s a hidden camera underwater which for me is hard to believe. But if there’s one thing I’d like to try again, it will be snorkeling here in Siete Pecados! I’m gonna hone my swimming skills first.

Coron Coral Garden


As it says, a garden of corals. Sooo plenty! You won’t actually need to move around since the fish will come at you. The water is not so deep but it can drop at one point. Also, sea urchins are regular in sight and I always panic when I see one, NO, five or eight at once, waiting for my bare feet to be a victim. So always wear your aqua shoes!!
Depending on the weather, it can be hard to swim in here because it is an open area. The current will always be against you but scrap that when you’re a good swimmer. It is fun to play around.

Calachuchi Beach



The corals on Coral Garden slowly disappear to make way for the sand. Up to the area is a beach full of starfish on a waist-high water. The beach is surrounded by tall limestone formations that provides the shade and amazing backdrop.
A suitable lunch area with the a number of huts. The beach is small, with not so fine sand but the small rock formations that grows in front of the beach serves as the show. They say the big fish (which I forgot the name) swims around that area.




Hidden Lagoon


The place to do your floating shot. Hidden Lagoon is a swim-able area of about 6-7 ft. It has thermocline water wherein the temperature on the upper layer of water is cold, while under its warm. Nothing much to see since there are no corals, but there are mangrove trees around.
A part of this tour is the most sought after Kayangan Lake, which I’m gonna feature on a separate post.
Five destinations on our first day. Coron really has a lot to offer in just one single tour! Though the locations are deep and not for the faint-hearted, you can always wear that life vest and enjoy the view! As of date, I’ve never seen such sea with corals on every corner. If you’re after snorkeling and diving, Coron is a place to go!
Special thanks to my friend, Vany, who lend me a dry bag! ;-D It was really helpful!!
Also to my friend Aiks, who’s toasted as me, thank you very much for the company!


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