Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba: My Most Memorable Hike So Far!

For every mountaineer, there’s one hike that is so different, so unusual and so unique that makes it so memorable. I think I had just experienced that, that one hike which I won’t be able to forget forever!
Ending July 2016 is a day hike for two mountains in Rizal. I am with my usual group (which started this addiction!) plus few new ones and I also brought along my friend who wants to lose weight (well she got it right!). When I got the itinerary I was already concerned on the midnight jumpoff, because in my past experience, this got me puking every single time! That’s why I prepared, but I think I didn’t prepared much, because it still happened, and worst, I became temporarily disabled!
OTW to Mt. Maynoba

The day before the start of this hike, we were having a family outing, and because I chose swimming over sleeping, I had to pay by puking, getting tired and dizzy. Mind you I just ate ice cream from McDonalds before the hike, and some nuts, but I vomited during midnight. I knew it will come so I ate less. It was really a hassle, not just for me, but for my group.


I technically got the second guide all for myself. The rest of the group already went on with the other guide. It seems like we didn’t catch the peaks all together, and if ever we did, it’s just a short stopover (for them). 
Going to Mt. Cayabu is the first half of my suffering. I could only take 10 steps then break time. But I have to say, Cayabu’s really difficult. It is a CONTINUOUS ASSAULT. So with me whose last hiking was months ago, I got so worked up. But I’m wrong, it’s just the start of something else.
See? Haggardness everywhere!


Going to the second mountain from Mt. Cayabu, the Mt. Maynoba which has a sea of clouds, is another 3 hours. It’s still dawn and we’re so hoping to be there early to catch the sea of clouds, so I’m really trying to push more so as not to disappoint the others and break their hopes.
The terrain is a mix of flat and steep ups and downs, most of the part has a rope to hang on. On the way I knew I got much better, no more puking, the problem though is my knees are giving up.
There are rain showers from time to time, and the fog’s thickening. Actually, there’s no sea of clouds, it’s sea of fogs. I have a feeling that there wouldn’t be any of it that day and there are a lot of attempts to stop this hiking and go back, but fortunately, no, we didn’t do that.
That’s Kuyang guide.
On the second half of our hiking, I’m now with the company of my friend plus the guide of course. He’s very kind to give me medicines and hand towel, and oh, he brought my bagpack even before I reach the first mountain. This time, we were really far from our group because we were so left behind. We decided to just meet them at the jump off.
When the sun gave light to the surroundings we enjoyed it now. We can see the whole place even Mt. Cayabu because Mt. Maynoba is 728m above sea level. It’s like WOW! We’re already satisfied with what we saw. Actually, it’s better than what we saw at Mt. Maynoba’s peak, because all there is in Mt. Maynoba is fog. Yeah, it’s raining a bit when we got there, so this is totally not a good day because of the weather.


Our next stop was the Eight Waterfalls to pass by after Mt. Maynoba. It is a long trek, about 2 hours to get there. Most of it are steps down the mountain, but since it’s raining (and we don’t mind getting wet) the trail is muddy and slippery. Good luck trekking shoes. 
As we get close to a falls the trail is getting stony and wet. The falls is crowded. I only get to watch the falls for a few minutes then went on to the next one. I didn’t get the time to take pictures because it’s raining hard (though my camera is waterproof. reasons Glens, reasons!).
This falls is just as beautiful as with other falls that I’ve seen. It is hidden in a corner of the mountains, and it is just so worth the long trek. The surrounding is like what you’ll see on movies, a bit of suspense while viewing the corner, making that turn and lifting your head up. From trees, big boulders of rocks with peeking flow of water, to the tall waterfalls, it is just so wonderful.
As we are going to the next falls, the rain is pouring hard and the guide said that for times like this they are closing the falls and guiding the hikers back to jump off. The trail becomes dangerous and they are avoiding people getting stranded. So we skipped all the remaining 7 falls and went back to jump off.
OTW to Mt. Maynoba


During this time where all trails are going down, I can feel my knees shaking and weak, but I was able to reach a camp site. Here we took a short break to eat and rest. I did sit, I didn’t eat for the fear of puking – again. But as we are going back to trekking, everyone was standing up to leave, I on the other hand, felt nothing from my legs, as in nothing. 
It is like sending signals but none was returned. My legs technically slept. I didn’t freak out too fast. I just made my way to stand up and walk those legs. 
I was able to do so for a couple of steps. But as the boys made the girls go first, I took some steps, and as my legs bend bringing me to the ground, it shut down. I was shocked. Having all the eyes of my co-hikers (and some beginners), I felt ashamed to be in this situation. I felt fear crawling in my veins and making sense when I wasn’t able to stand up. My legs and knees betrayed me and for a second, I thought I won’t be able to walk again.
This incident really does made its mark. I puked several times, left behind by my colleagues, I knew I had asthma and I became disabled. Really, is this the climax?
Water source before the 8 waterfalls
I felt humiliated with this situation. I’m not a beginner to begin with, but I’m having this difficulty. For a moment I talked back to those who asked me if I’m ok. Should I say yes? I’m just really upset that I have to experience this. Most of all, I don’t want to be a hassle to my group, I don’t want to stall them, so I let them go first.
With my knees not making any improvement, I had to stay behind with the company of my closed friends (they are 3). I’m ashamed for a minute, but no, I was glad they stayed with me. They sent guides to bring me to the jump off. Though I’ll look ridiculous, I just agreed to let them carry me on the guide’s back. I’m thankful that I’m not that heavy, but also thankful that they’re bringing me to jump off. I will never stay to that kubo!
Near the jump off, they let me ride a motorcycle. I step down in front of my group’s cottage. I was ashamed really, to be walking in front of them half-shaking and having a hard time with every move! In the end, everything was solved by an Efficascent Oil. It heated my legs and it returned to its senses! Just that.
After all this, I’m having doubts if I can hike again. Do I need a rest? Or do I need practice? Maybe I should avoid midnight hikes or day hikes. I don’t know. What’s good to know is I was able to walk again. The experience is enough suicide.
Planning to go here? Who am I to give tips? I became disabled aren’t I? HAHAHA
But hey, if you plan to, don’t be like me. Prepare, eat, exercise and SLEEP! Please. I want my experience to be mine only. Do you want it? Well, I can’t blame you, being carried on the way down the mountain is the laziest but greatest no-sweat feeling!
Oh about this sickness, I remembered I need to research on that. Thank you for reading through the end of this post!
Take care hiking!
UPDATE 10/25/2016 : After Googling, nausea during trekking is caused by over exertion. Tip is to condition yourself before hiking and slow down, do shorter hikes.

Info about Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba

Jumpoff: Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal
Hours to Summit: 2-3 hrs
Difficulty: 4/9, Trail Class: 1-4
12AM Leave Manila for Antipolo Cogeo Gate 2
12:30AM Get a van to take you to Brgy. Cayabu (Rent)
2:30AM ETA Brgy. Cayabu. Secure a guide and register.
3AM Start the trek
5AM ETA Mt. Cayabu
5:30AM Trek to Mt. Maynoba
8:30AM ETA Mt. Maynoba – Clouds with rising sun
9:30AM Trek to Waterfalls
12:PM Back to jumpoff. Washup, Lunch
2:00PM Leave for Manila

Reminders for hiking Mt.Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba:

  • It is your choice if you want twin hike or not, or if you want to include the 8 waterfalls.
  • Guide fee – Php 500 for 2 guides. 
  • Registration fee: Php 40 each
  • We are a group of 11 and we paid Php500+ each for the van rental and the guide fee.
  • There are campsites for overnight camping.
  • Parking, comfort rooms and carinderias are available at jump off.
  • Most part of the trail don’t have cellphone signal.
  • Always practice the LEAVE NO TRACE Policy.
  • Weekends are REALLY crowded.
P.S. I don’t have any acceptable photos of the whole trek, I brought my GoPro but I was not able to use it. I was more focused on making myself feel better. HAHA


Hi! I'm your Pinay Soloista from the Philippines. I'm a full time I.T. Professional and part time wanderer. I'm an anime kid, newbie bookworm, and I also love to sketch and paint.

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  1. hahaha I feel you here..

    P.S. I don't have any acceptable photos of the whole trek, I brought my GoPro but I was not able to use it. I was more focused on making myself feel better. HAHA

  2. Why last?!! Haha. It's a frustrating hike but I'm planning to have a revenge climb! Mas nakakahiya pag di na ko umakyat ng bundok ever! 🙂

  3. I have experienced hiking once and it was in the middle of the night. That was my first and definitely my last. I don’t have fear in heights but I fear the wildlings and the unexpected unfortunate events in the midst of nowhere. Glad you’re all good now! 🙂

    All the love, Auradelle

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