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For the second company that I’ve been with, it is only now that I experienced going to the beach as team building venue. Some companies don’t allow it due to safety protocols. Anyway, Nagsasa Cove is a new destination that I’ve been to and here it is on my blog!
on the way
We got this voucher from an online voucher shop thingy, I’m not sure what site, but it is only for Php799. Inclusions are, boat fee, island hopping, and tents. Other things we had to pay as it was not included are food, van transpo to/from Zambales, cottage fee (100). All in all we had to shell out Php1000 in addition to the company budget. We are a group of 11.



Nagsasa Cove’s shoreline is not actually sand but ashes from the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1995. It creates the black sand/ash that is ground for campers today. Located in San Antonio Zambales, this place is 4 hours away from Manila. Boat ride will take 20 minutes from Pundaquit which is the jump-off location.
The cove is surrounded by a beautiful lineup of mountains which campers can hike in the morning to see a perfect view of the whole Nagsasa. By afternoon the mountains turn golden brown and it can became really hot. But as a refresher, one can visit the nearby river which is another beautiful view.
Nagsasa shoreline
That mountain can be hiked
In the afternoon where the water is shallow, you can walk halfway to the middle of the sea as there’s a sandbar. Water is just knee-high so you don’t need to worry. There are few fishes which perfectly camouflage the sand color. No corals in sight, just plain seawater and sand.
With all of the agoho trees which grew there after the volcano eruption, everyone can have a place with shade. Wood is also available for that warming bonfire at night.
As for the comfort rooms, there are a lot and pretty decent. But it is not enough during peak season. Water supply is also good, sometimes it’s not clean but most of the time it’s available. There are also locals who can provide you the things you need for a fee. Sari-sari stores are also available.


Things to do at Nagsasa Cove

Bum around the beach. The great view suggests a walk on the beach to contemplate and be thankful. Joke!

But yeah, there’s nothing much to do but have a conversation with your group or play beach volleyball. Go paddle boarding and island hopping. In the morning hike the mountains and after that visit the river. Surely you’ll appreciate nature because everything is beautiful.


The Capones Island is one of the island that’s included in the island hopping. Getting here can be rough especially the shoreline is full of rocks. I got many bruises just by passing those. Getting to the lighthouse is also an effort. It consists of stairs and light hike. I almost puke on the way!

The lighthouse situated in Capones Island will give you a great 360 degree view of the sea around. The rusted stairs is just a little scary especially if there’s too many people on it. It feels like breaking in seconds.



We also visited anawangin. The sand is slightly whiter and it resembles Nagsasa. It has a wider beach and mountain background which can also be hiked in the morning. There’s also a nearby river.

Albeit the lack of activities bores some people, the beautiful view of nature is enough to entertain me. One cannot see the same view in Manila. And it’s just of the right scenery to fill my hungry eyes. It’s a well-spent weekend for me.

Here’s a sample itinerary for an overnight stay in Nagsasa Cove:

Day 0

3AM – Leave Manila for Zambales

Day 1
7AM – Buy things/food at the talipapa in Pundaquit.
730AM – Get a boat bound for Nagsasa Cove
8AM – Capones Island – the boatmen usually visit this place first as it’s on the way.
930AM – Go to Anawangin Cove
10AM – Anawangin Cove
11:30AM – Leave for Nagsasa Cove
12PM – Arrival at Nagsasa Cove. Set up camp. Cook lunch. Eat.
1PM-12AM – Your free time and dinner time. Swim or play volleyball.
Day 2
6AM – Hike the nearby mountain
9AM – Breakfast
10AM – Visit the river
12PM – Departure to Pundaquit
1PM – Arrival at Pundaquit. Depart for Subic
2PM – Lunch at subic
330PM- Leave for Manila

Reminders/Things to bring:

  • Tent 
  • Flashlight/lamp 
  • Food, portable stove/charcoal for grilling 
  • Toiletries 
  • Clothes 
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Camera 
  • Guitar 😀 – perfect over bonfire 
  • Snacks 
  • Sunglasses 
  • hat 
  • Trash bags
  • LNT – Leave No Trace!

I cannot plot expenses because as I’ve said, we only availed a voucher online.

If you want a quick nature trip on the weekends, this place is a good option. Though I have to warn you, even in low season, this place can get crowded.

Have a happy trip!



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