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Tell me if I’m crazy, is it weird to love going to the grocery? Finding new foods to try and stocking up on those necessary things and foods, and oh, those favorites! The following food may be your normal snack or meal but I just want to put them here. Simple introduction for some foods that I found worthy of attention.



Classic Chocolate Milk drink

It claims the classic chocolatey mix of 3 ingredients only: Milk, Sugar and Cocoa. A product from Denmark and imported here in the Philippines. It retails to Php 30 more or less.
First sip makes me cough. The cocoa taste is just so strong. But shake and drink it, later on you’ll get used to it. Anyhow it’s the original cocoa taste after all.

DELIMONDO Ranch Style Corned Beef

A premium corned beef on can made from pure beef shredded and seasoned. Katrina Ponce Enrile, a family member from where the DELIMONDO Corned Beef was made, shares that this recipe was initially distributed to family friends as gifts. They later share it to the consumer market and it gathered rave reviews from patrons of the Saturday Market in Salcedo Village.
This corned beef tastes like Purefoods corned beef actually. And I love Purefoods corned beef I swear! One can of Delimondo is enough to fill a big bowl when sautéed with garlic and potatoes. It really taste good without the unnecessary spices we get from other corned beef brands. It is good as it is.
It has a spicy variant and one costs Php 160 more or less.

Voortman Chocolate Chip

My favorite as always. Cheap, big and delicious. This chocolate chip should be the go to snack for always. LOLS. I just loved that for my every bite, I always get chocolate chips. It is not too hard and not too soft. It is of the right texture to enjoy cookies. Plus it only cost Php 120 more or less for 16 pieces of big cookies that fits my palm.
So there are my 3 picks for my recent trip to the grocery. Now I already wanted to go back and pick up those things again. Could you share some other foods worthy of trying? Let’s explore the grocery store together! 😉


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