Our First Day at Boracay

You know the saying “First time will always get you excited” ? That excitement got us pumped up and tired at the end of our FIRST day at Boracay. Why?

Early morning we were out to look for the cheapest activity package that we can have for the rest of our stay. The first half of the day we were roaming around from Station 3 to Station 2. Our observations:
1.    Koreans. Lots of Koreans. So many.. So.. Soooo. I can’t even describe it.
2.    It was surprising to see unexpected restaurants at Boracay.. Talking about Project Pie, Starbucks, Pho Hoa, Chatime and more.
3.   Ground for business. Where there’s a lot of people, there’s a lot of businesses. One will surely get a chance for competing in the market.
4.   Human Traffic.
5.   The obvious additional Php 5.00 (compared to price in Manila) in everything you buy.
OK! We didn’t perfect that one

Half surprising, we were exhausted for hours of walking, yet we ended up in a carinderia far from the front beach. Our meal was the simple barbecue and rice with free soup and a refreshing soda on the side for Php 50.00, it’s like our most awaited meal for the day.

After that we went shopping for souvenirs from the tempting stores along the beach of Station 2 then we walked again back to our place to refresh and relax – and that’s another 1 hour. Sightseeing is over, we prepared for our first activity in Boracay – the Jetski.

In this store offers cheap prices. This is located at D’Mall.
My friends were excited to control that machine and pump like crazy on the ocean. I on the other hand, was not. I just don’t like the feeling! So I waited for them to finish while I try to take photos of them.

Next on the list was ..


After a number of suggestions from my friends to try this activity, I got excited and put the Flyfish on the spotlight of our vacation (replacing the Parasailing). So when our tour coordinator told us we could arrange for the Flyfish next to Jetski, it put the sunshine on that gloomy day. Suddenly, it felt like the weather cooperated and provided the right amount of wind and waves. We flew like a fish. Chos!
Moment of flying
We swung here and there with all our hands tightly gripped on the handle to save us from falling. Every tilts and raise hanged our bodies like wind chimes dancing in the wind. Some of us fall, some of us were barely hanging, and please be good to me when I laughed at those scenes! I just can’t hold it because it was fun! Oh I’m really a true friend, I laugh at my friends when I see them suffering. HAHA!
There’s no other story to tell after Flyfish than to say we washed up and rest a little. Our hotel accommodation is becoming a public shower room, yep, we use to have that in Tondo. Anyway!! 

That night was our first night to wander around the famous “active” night life and of course, to look for dinner. Since we are cheapskates, we opt to eat on an inexpensive restaurant, so we ate at Jonah’s Fruitshake.
On the way to Jonah’s, which is an entertaining  1 hour of walking away from Station 3, we came across this small burger stand which offers the Chorizo Burger. I saw it in the internet but cannot locate where is this in the long stretch of Boracay. It happens to be scattered so you will always spot one. It’s yum and could fill up my hungry stomach with 2 orders. We ate while watching the fire dancers which usually performs starting 7PM. 
This is where we bought the Chori Burger
The best seller Choco Banana Peanut
@ Jonah’s
Nakikinuod lang sa Firedance!
Imagination started, in front of my eyes is an image of me playing with fireballs while everybody is in awe of what I’m doing, I’m dreaming of firedancing. Chos! I just got inspired of how their bodies move to the groove of the music while spinning those red balls.
Our first day was pretty tiring. Before we sleep we felt the pain on our shoulders and anticipated that the rest of our body will follow. I think that’s the price you pay when you want some fun. We have pain relievers available anyway right?
Until my next post,


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