Boracay: Puka Beach and ATV

Our last day at Boracay has come and we’re cramming on experiencing the ‘musts’ at Boracay – of course, only those that will fit in our budget. So, for our last day, we planned to do the ATV and visit Puka Beach. 

Our plan was a success as the logistics suited very well our destinations. A service van took us to the ATV location. We waited for an hour for the service van because of the traffic.
San ba walang traffic?! The travel would have been quick if it weren’t for the traffic. It will only take 15minutes but it took us 30 minutes or more.

Upon arrival you will be asked to register and pay the entrance to the view deck if you’d like to go there. Basically the ATV’s destination is the view deck then it is up to you if you want to enter. It costs Php 120.
There is also an option for Buggy Car which can take two persons and it is much cheaper.
The road is paved and safe. There are twists and uphill/downhill but overall it is a smooth ride. Maneuvering the ATV is also easy with just break and go.
One thing to note is it is soooooo hot! A cap is really needed since you will bathe under the sun.
In the view deck, there’s a mini store offering drinks and ice cream which are all expensive! Photographers are also available and they will sell your printed pictures for Php 200.00 each. They also offer unlimited shots where you can get the soft copy for the price of Php 150.00. Even though we are camwhores, we didn’t avail anything. What will be the use of our cameras then?


Going back, we had a free service to Station 3 but we requested them to drop us at Puka Beach which is already near. Puka Beach area is surrounded with expensive restaurants and lodging houses. We ate in one of the local restaurants (carinderia to be exact) – Tesebel Restaurant – since we have no choice because we’re hungry. Our food was made to order so they are all fresh and served hot. Albeit the expensive price, the food tastes good and is sufficient.
We ordered Sinigang na Baboy, Fried Chicken and Buttered Shrimps. The 1L bottled water costs Php50.00. That’’s double the price in Manila!



The perfect background music for Puka Beach is pearly shells. Hahah! It is so quiet and serene you’ll want some background music!
One noticeable thing was, all of the tourists in Puka Beach are foreigners and yeah the goodies being sold here are freakin’ expensive! One small fruit shake for Php 200 ?? No way!
We just rented a small cottage with bamboo beds where we can rest and hide from the sun. It was in the middle of the afternoon so it’s really hot!


Digging-out, digging-in, nothing’s sure in this world, no-no..


There’s nothing much to  do in Puka Beach than to get tanned and take pictures. I like this place though, because there’s lesser crowd and you can get more peace in here.




The water’s not that inviting for a swim because it is deep.


We stayed until the sun’s not mad anymore then we lined up for the tricycle ride going back to station 1/2/3. Since the place is not much jampacked, the transportation to and from is also a bit rare so in able for you to get back to White Beach, you’ll wait for tricycles coming to Puka Beach. Price is Php 200.00 for the whole tricycle.


We alight at Station 1, now to witness the groto and sunset. As I told you, logistics worked pretty well!


This sunset should never be missed in Boracay. It is beautiful and .. Beautiful! Haha! I’m running out of adjectives.
Our last day at Boracay is really wonderful with this sunset bidding us goodbye. Accompanied by Jonah’s fruitshake (yeah we went back, round 2), we ended our day with a simple dinner from the turo-turo.


Oops! Let me correct that. It is not yet the end, because we still rest in the beach for some cold beer! Yay! Price of the beer? Php 45.00. That’s San Miguel Beer in can. And since we can’t find a perfect place to rest our butts, we stayed in this restaurant with couches on the beach and bought another beer. It is the price you pay if you want to sit on bean bags on the beach. Now we got lots of photos to share!
Tiring but FUN. Expensive but WORTH IT. Our four nights stay in Boracay can be considered a SUCCESS!
Now the next time we go to Boracay, we can scratch off some activities and just lounge around White Beach. 😛
Until my next adventure,



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