En route Boracay

My friend’s photo at Bakhawan Eco Park. Photo credits to Rona

Boracay has long been famous in the world for its white sand and long stretch of beach filled with all-class hotels and night life. I don’t know what rank it received for being compared to different beaches in the world or for how many years it reign as a top destination. What I know is it’s on top and is sure did.
I always thought that Boracay is a place to go for party-people and for dabarkads wanting some fun and a ‘bit’ of relaxation. My friends would always post pictures of the different activities and the very active night-life there is. So my first thought when a seat sale came up in Cebu Pacific for Boracay was to invite my friends, the one I can go wild with!

View from my window
Six months of preparation was too long and a bit of risk in ensuring that what was booked will be filled up in flight. We were a group of 8 originally, but due to personal conflicts etc., we were down to 5, still a big number. But you know the feeling of excitement of wanting to share the moment with them? It has long been anticipated, but maybe it’s not meant. Saaaaad! Anyway, Im glad that we still push through.
My hunting skills activated when I was looking for a suitable flight for all of us. Just to avail of the seat sale I separated our group into two different flights and I also took the Kalibo route on departure and Caticlan for our return flight. Imagine my desperation?! We only spend 800+ for our tickets two-way. Now that’s a catch! However when the actual flight came, I’m a little bit regretful for pushing the Kalibo route because it was really a hassle to travel 2 hours to Caticlan Jetty port. It was tiring! The only thing I like in taking Kalibo is that the “pasalubong” are much cheaper there.

En route Kalibo is a mixture of bitterness and suspense. My flight is scheduled together with one of my friend, N and it was scheduled late in the afternoon. I’m coming 2 hours away from the airport, same goes with her. 

I actually arrived early, an hour before the boarding gate closing time, so waiting for my friend is my next concern. But hell, she cannot be contacted, her phone is off and she told me earlier that she forgot her printed itinerary in the office. 

I was a bit worried. My desire to enter the boarding area is fighting with my kindness to help her enter at least at the airport! So what I did was take a picture of the printed itinerary that I have and sent it to her via Viber (her ipad is on that time). She sent replies but with the poor connection in Terminal 4, I received it late. 

I was hoping that she will still make it but at the same time I’m preparing myself to board the plane alone. “Goodbye No-na, see you when I see you” ang peg. Kind of dramatic, imagine the movie scene where one boards the plane and look out into the window with a sad face. 

I told myself that I’ll go to the boarding area by 3PM. I was focused on my wrist watch following the ticking of that seconds hand.. A bit nervous, ni di mapakali ang pwet ko, been wanting to stand up but my butt hold me still… then there came 3PM, and she showed up! GoSakto! I then rushed to her and gave her the printed itineraries for faster transaction. Hello boarding area! They replied to us with a delayed flight. Sh*t! What’s all that effort for?

 Photo credits to Rona
I can’t remember if I was sleeping the whole time during our flight, what I remember is it’s already dark when we landed in Kalibo. We rushed to buying pasalubong and looking for the vans going to Caticlan Jetty Port. Since the van is still waiting to be filled up, we ate dinner first. 

Ahh tired, I just want to skip the meals and go to sleep. The next thing I knew is we are already at the port and the jetty is so fast it’s like it only lasted for 10 minutes. 

Excited to rest my back in a bed, we rushed. We took a tricycle good for our group and it is just 50pesos up to Station 3. Going to our hotel is like a maze, we were instructed to turn left, turn right go straight with landmarks so many I cannot remember, I leave it up to my friends. 

Our hotel-resort which is the Orchids Resort, is located from a deep and small street from the beach. It’s pretty decent, kubo style houses, but with the smell of old abaca and wood. The two-story house is too big for us, there are five extra beds. The aircon is a plus for us since we originally requested for the fan room, but to whatever reason the management has, they gave us the family house instead.

From the veranda. Photo credits to Rona
The place is already good, I’m just picky in terms of lighting. I don’t like poorly-lighted rooms. Aside from that, there are sands on top of our bed, probably coming from the ceiling, but it’s not sand. This triggered my allergies and I was just scratching (and coughing) the whole freezing night. Nevertheless, my tired body didn’t bother sleeping for pretty long hours and also we didn’t went out that night. 

We arrived 11:30 PM so there’s no more time to do things so we spent it recharging our phones, cameras and our bodies for tomorrow. Yay! Pretty excited. I just shut down my eyes and texted good night (to those who matter).

Coming from Kalibo is really a hassle, but if you don’t mind the long hours, you can definitely choose it. My friends took a side trip at Bakhawan Eco Park while waiting for us. Now that’s a plus for experience!

My  friends at Bakhawan Eco Park. Photo credits to Rona
For the Boracay activities and our budget itinerary, I’ll be posting it soon.


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