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The perfect ambiance for a stormy weather.


Oh how I love eating! If only I can just get away from trying good restaurants/food stores for every travel that I make, then I can save a lot of money and I can save my figure, but no, I choose to taste good dishes every now and then and this is also something I look forward to in every location I’m heading. Just like in Sagada where activities require stamina and energy, food is the source of our strength and happiness.. err, I know right, most of the time it’s just happiness but hey, one cannot leave Sagada without trying out dishes made from the hands of their people right? So here are a few of what I’ve tried from my vacation in Sagada. 

Restaurants in Sagada are located in the main road. It is very accessible from every homestay there is. You can just walk on the main road and pick out from all the restaurants that you will pass by. There are ones located far from the main road.
Salt and Pepper
Located in the main road with a steep stairs as entrance, food here and serving is good. Served in white rice, the amount is equal to two cups of rice. They have the typical selection of food – tocino, tapa, hotdog, adobo etc. Price ranges from 120-250. This is our first stop from the 6-hours travel from Baguio and it didn’t failed us.
Pinikpikan Soup











Pinikpikan House

Located at the first floor of Alibama Inn, the Pinikpikan House serves the famous pinikpikan soup of Sagada which is made out of battered chicken – a chicken beaten with stick multiple times to bring out the flavor. This soup is tolerable to eat, (based on my tastebuds). Other dishes I can’t remember but we ordered pork sisig during our chance. Price ranges from 120-250.

Strawberry Café

We had our lunch here during our second day in Sagada and I must say that the food is great. Serving is also good. Food choices are minimal, there’s like 5-8 meals and not all of them are available everytime. The choices are the typical filipino home dishes – Adobo, Daing na Bangus and others I can’t remember. What I love during our experience is the homemade yoghurt with real strawberries! The taste is creamy and milky and there’s the tolerable sourness from the yoghurt. It’s really a must-try. Price ranges from 150-300. This place is located in a small street from the main road, if you see the souvenir shop, it’s located behind it, with lots of dogs in the front door.
Our food served with veggies.

The lively interior of Strawberry Cafe.


The Sagada Lemon Pie House

Built in nice wooden house with homie-ambiance on the outside, this place has a perfect spot for sipping hot coffee on a winter-night! – Excuse my statement, but I just love remembering the feeling of being there during dinner which gives a warm experience under the yellow lighting. Seated on the floor on pillows, the wide table is only for the two of us. The food is great especially the chicken curry, there’s the authentic spice which needs to be present in such. I ordered the cheese omelet which is also tasty and good. Their lemon pie on the other hand taste like candy and lacks body (mahangin), but we gave it a try. Price and food choices can be seen on the image on the left.



Sagada Brew

Since it is rainy during our stay, we opt to have some hot drinks for our last in Sagada. Price ranges from 120-300, their drinks selection is wide and various. It is like the Starbucks in the mountains and don’t doubt the taste, because it is good and worth the price.
Other restaurants that I will surely try when I come back are the following

Rock Inn Café

Location is far from the main road, it is almost the way to Kiltepan Peak but they say that the ambiance here is good.

Gaia Arts and Café

Location is also far from the main road and there’s a lot of walking. It’s located between the entrance of Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves. Food here is for vegetarians and there’s also a library.

Yoghurt House

Located near the homestays in Sagada.

Log Cabin

Located near Ganduyam Museum, they say this restaurant offers a buffet  every Saturday night.
So there, sharing the food experience that I had when I was in Sagada. Right now I’m missing and craving for their homemade yoghurt which I can’t bought anywhere here in the metro, but surely, when the time comes I’ll set foot again in Sagada, food is my first priority (coz that’s what food monsters are).


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